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SR400 mods - The Suspension Mods Start...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by QuarterWit, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Hello Fellas!

    Well, the time has come to start working on the SR. Sadly neglected for a while now, she's starting to get a bit of light pitting on the gauges, forks and some other spots. The rims are starting to look black so there's some serious work lined up for me on the cleaning front. Never mind, it's being pulled apart very shortly...

    The bike when I got it was terrific, it was, and still is pretty much mechanically A1, and I'm not going to do anything to it to tempt fate in that regard. It's a 400cc Yamaha SR, done up by a previous forum member Marlon. As he told me, and turns out to be very true, the suspension is shithouse. There's way, way too much compression and not enough rebound. The rear end is also slightly uncertain.

    The bike feels very unstable and sensitive at the front end at speed - I have also suffered a few terrifying tank slappers. What's started as trying to remedy that has turned into a big project that I'm gathering parts for as we speak.

    So, first flash bit of kit up is a new Alloy Swingarm, exactly the same length as stock. Made in the states by a bloke on the SR forums, he said he was going to fab a few up and I pitched in $450USD for mine. Half expecting a shoddy backwater job I received this in the mail this week...




    Holy... shit. Didn't expect that. Speechless, I took it to bed with me that night and made hours of passionate love to it. I suppose the real test will be in the fitting. I'm not expecting much of a handling gain from this except a slight loss in unsprung/sprung weight. (I've spoken to a few mechanics and people in the know trying to get a straight answer if swingarm weight is sprung or unsprung. After long explainations, I'm as confused as they were!)

    Next up will be some progressive Ikon front springs to stiffen it up a lot, and some much heavier oil. With any luck this should improve handling. I'm also on the hunt for a good fork brace. I'll get some Ikon rear shocks as well, of a height I'm yet to determine. A steering damper will also be fitted while everything is apart.

    Anyway, I'm a complete n00b when it comes to suspension so over the next few weeks I'll post up what will probably be a disaster, but it's going to be fun.

    First question's first - what bike Jack do y'all recommend?
  2. exciting!