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SR400 for highway riding?

Discussion in 'Naked' started by wyndham29, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm considering buying a used Yamaha SR400 (probably around a 2003 model). I was just wondering, is the bike be comfortable for riding relatively long distances on highways? I won't be doing heaps of highway riding, but every now and then I ride home, which is a four or five hour trip, so I'm just wondering. Thanks!
  2. It does have a fairly upright riding position, so should be fairly comfy. I wouldn't go anywhere near a highway with only 27 hp though. Sometimes I think my 160 hp bike could do with more.
  3. Hmm yeah that's what I was thinking might be the case
  4. I had a yam SR500 around 1990 and it was ok on the hwy sat on 120kph and if it sits on speed limit ok. I had put on clip on bars and found the seat to be comfortable I would say that you would have to stop for fuel in that 4 -5 hrs.
  5. Comfortably is strong word in this case. It could do it, but not in comfort. Probably not terribly uncomfortably either.

    27hp should be enough to get you to the limit, but not much beyond. You would probably want to put lower bars on, so you weren't catching as much wind. As you pick up speed the wind will take weight off your wrists.

    I'd also be skeptical of vibration. I'd be talking to some owners who were more honest about this aspect.
  6. Did you end up getting the Sr? For what it's worth I commute on the M4 highway to work & uni 5 days a week. It gets up to speed well enough & has overtaking power. It will sit at the limit easily. There is noticeable vibration & your hands might start getting numb after an hour. Luckily my commut is 20-30 mins depending on traffic.
    My one as a 2014 model btw
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  7. No didn't end up getting it Yo-YoYo-Yo. Ended up going overseas instead, now thinking of something different. Thanks for the info!
  8. Hey Yo-YoYo-Yo im looking at purchasing the same year model soon. Ill be on the M5 most of the time. Im guessing it has the same speed limit as the M4.
    Would you say the vibration is close to unbearable? Ive heard other riders mention that around 95km and above its like a buzz sensation.
    Also whats your thoughts on the kickstart only so far? would you find the novelty wears off over time?
  9. Hi Bonzee, (prepare for the following essay haha!)

    It's a thumper so will always have more vibration compared to twin or 4 cyl bikes regardless, if it's a starter bike/commuter I'd say stick with the standard handle bars, clip-ons would be a bit uncomfy for long hauls.

    I can bear the vibration but your hands will get numb after a while, I'd say between 40-60min stints based on my experience but it depends on the rider & what they can personally tolerate.
    95km/h is alright for me vibration wise, it's only when you go around 110km/h at around 5,000rpm that you feel the vibration get a bit harsher (not that I would know what 110km/h feels like seeing I'm on my P's ;-);-):p)

    It's definitely not a bike intended for highways but it does the job, it's more at home zipping around tight city streets between traffic

    Kick start is the only way to start a bike as far as I'm concerned haha!:hilarious: In all seriousness kick-starting a new model is very easy I don't see why people make a big deal out of it. The only inconvenience I can foresee is if you accidentally stall it in traffic but with plenty of practice you can nail the kick in one go.

    All in all a fun starter bike, easy to ride & get used to riding a bike with, I practiced my emergency stops & learned to do it properly due to no ABS. Well worth it if you can afford the price tag, sure there are much better bikes for the same coin but I don't regret it, it has it's own presence on the road & people constantly check it out when I'm riding.

    Ultimately though I do see myself selling it when I get my fulls & going for something like a kwaka w800 or triumph thruxton :greedy:
  10. hehe yeah Yo-YoYo-Yo im hearing you and agree with everything you've said.
    Still sounds like what im looking for judging by what you have told me.
    The reason why i mentioned the kickstart is because i travelled overseas for awhile riding a kickstart bike and there was alot of coming and goings daily. Kicking it over after every stop, everyday got a bit tiresome. but i guess i wont be using it the same way in sydney anyway.
    I was checking out your build thread earlier and its looking great man. Where do you source your parts from?
  11. Cheers mate, sourced parts from a mix of ebay, webike (http://www.japan-webike.it/) & genuine yammi. Feel free to send a private message if you have further questions :)