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SR400 Flat tracker

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by pil, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Build pics so far, hope ya like em.
    This one will be for sale when its done in the next week or two.


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  2. nice. What's the detail on the rear fender? Looks like some sort of steam-punk type of deal?

  3. Hey PIL looking good, would be great if you had time to post up some of the build photos and mods etc.

    Nice clean work.
  4. New front brackets for the GSX250 fender. Pil

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  5. Man that is a damn sweet looking bike.
  6. awesome, love the flat tracker look
  7. the sr250 would make a fair decent flat tracker.
  8. Curious why you went with the 400 and not the 500?
  9. Sorry about the crap phone photos will get some good ones soon. Tank paint nearly done just waiting on decals and hand lettering. Looking forward to the finish on this one should turn out sweet.

    Re 400/500 I bought what I could find that was in good nick. I dont have any preference just good running order. The 250 does make a good little custom also, just hard to find any without heaps of Kms on them.

    Re the steam punk idea. Good eyes to see it If you had of said that word to me 1 month ago I would have had no idea what you where talking about. I saw some stuff that blew my mind not long ago and it kinda just flowed into my work. The next bike will have a few more touches to It now I know what its all about.


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  10. Are the rims powdercoated or painted?
  11. You know it would be rude to not actually take it flat trackin' now. :)