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NSW SR400 - Bronte

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by MC_Elzee, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. As reported on Facebook. See file below.


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  2. Absolute scum. I detest bike thieves with a passion.

    Fingers crossed for you.
  3. Thanks, @Lionz -- not my bike, just passing it on, but I agree 100%. Hope they get the scumbag.
  4. Hope it is found quick as it has probably been ripped, stripped for project parts.
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  5. Bastards.......

    To the thieves: I hope someone steals something very meaningful to you - something you put time and effort into.........you small minded, opportunistic motherfarkers.
  6. It would break my heart if this happened to me. Every time I park my bike I look back and think 'hope she's there when I get back'. This poor guy probably did the same thing. I really feel for him.
  7. Check the date when it was stolen.

  8. No ... it's a 2002 model
  9. :wacky:

    Don't mind me... Late Friday afternoon... Really need to leave work and get to the pub. :dance2:
  10. @Chillidog I thought you must have already been there ;)
  11. Start checking eBay and GumTree for cheap SR400 parts, it'll be stripped already but appears to have a couple of items that are easily identifiable.
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  12. Will pass that advice on -- thanks, @109er
  13. I have no idea how thieves go about stealing bikes, but these bikes are kickstart only -- which is an art only riders understand. If it was ridden, rather than rolled/trucked away, the person is a rider. What kind of rider steals from another rider??
  14. can someone link her to that thread about the pro bike thief that turned up to explain his history and answer a few questions on that forum ? if she hasn't seen it already i'm sure this incident will have spiked her paranoia and give her a few tips on how to help secure her bike.
  15. Never assume it was just one person.
    A team of 3 and a van could have this gone in seconds.
    No need to start at all.
  16. Sure --> pro bike thief

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  17. yep - not the original but has the main part of the storyline and should provide some insight....can't seem to find the original as all the links appear to be dead so it's missing abit of the back and forth conversation between members and the thief which was also informative at points.
  18. So which lock do you guys use and recommend? I have a disc lock but by all accounts that means stuff all :D
  19. Even of your chain your bike to a dyna bolted d-shackle in a concrete floor, it only takes two enterprising chaps with a boot cutter or cordless angle grinder to take your bike.

    If someone wants your bike they will get it.
    Just like you can have all the wizz bang you beaut security alarms on your house but if someone really wants in they will get in.
    This is why we have insurance.
    It is a cost of life not to keep what we have but to be compensated for what is taken from us.