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SR400/500 insurance

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by talkiewalkie, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. Hi All

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    just curious as to who everyone uses to insure their SRs... I tried to get an online quote from Insure My Ride and AAMI, but since they're imports they're not coming up on the list.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Ring them.
  3. Definitely call.

    They may just not have your specific year SR on the list I can find multiple listings of SR400 and SR500s on the online quoter but not for every year.
  4. I insure my SR with QBE. That way I get agreed value, as opposed to the ridiculous redbook value of $1,500....
  5. That's funny as I tried to get a Spada insured with QBE for the purchase price of $4000 and they wouldn't budge above $1700.
  6. thanks for the advice.

    its ridiculous how much redbook has under valued the sr. what's your insurance payment like with QBE?

    i'll definitely be calling up though.
  7. My experience with the SR (I haven't tried it with other bikes) is that they're pretty cool about offering you either market or agreed value. I believe that there's an automatic $50 fee added if you opt for agreed value, before they determine how much premum they want.

    I can't quite remember now what my insurance was for the SR (currently it's sitting unregistered and uninsured - but that will change in a matter of weeks!), it was a bit over $200 - like $250 or something, per annum, at an agreed value of $4000. That's comprehensive for a '78 500 in good nick.

    My Hornet at market value, comprehensive, per annum, with QBE, is $200! It would be $400 with Insure My Ride. I doubt QBE'd be interested in an agreed value, but I never asked, given that I paid chips for the thing.
  8. Also, when i was enquiring a number of years ago about insuring my SR IMR updated their listing to ad the bike. Worth emailing them.