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SR250 Seat Interchangeability

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by BeardOWar, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. So I'm looking for a nice cafe-esque seat for my SR. Problem is, there seems to be very very few bolt-on parts specifically for the SR250 generally and literally no seats that I can find. I don't know how much difference there is between seats across different models, but I've uploaded a pic of my seat pan. I'm hoping that some of you with different bikes might recognise a similar spec to their own seat pan and could tell me what other model seats I can look out for.


  2. Where are you located?

    How about buying an old pan and making up a seat. There are DIY instructions on the net for making the foam and covering, and you can get coverings made professionally.
  3. Nice rug
  4. mattb: I'm in the Footscray area. I should've mentioned, it's an '03 model. I've found microfiche for the 80s models and the mounting points for the seats are totally different. I don't like my chances at finding spares for an '03, most places I find any info for the SR250s don't even seem to realise any exist past the 80s.

    I've considered a custom pan, but I don't have the skills or more importantly the tools. Not sure how much it'd cost to have it made professionally but I imagine that on top of foam and upholstery would be breaking my budget.

    BitSar: Cheers, it's the carpet. Fricken 60s rental house. Every. Damn. Room.
  5. Hi All,

    After a few good test rides I have managed to find myself taking possession of an immaculate 2008 z750 for my first step up bike from LAMS. My previous bike was the little zeal which was quite a good bike up untill its final days of ownership.

    The only thing at this point in time I was disappointed in with the Sac Longchamp z750 was it's exhaust note. Compared to my zeal this thing sounds really tame. My little zeal had the standard twin pipes and sounded like a jap 4cyl should (for a 250 at least) but yeah the z750 is really quiet.

    I rode one with an Akrapovic carbon can and although it sounded quite nice and deep on idle it just droned when riding normally. I've youtubed a few vids and I have found some vids of the Leo Vince GP Pro and I really like the noise they make Sac longchamp soldes with the throttle open. Only prob is sound recordings don't always give you the big picture.

    So I'm asking the opinion of this forum what exhaust have you heard on a z750 or an equivelent style bike that you thought sounded the goods?
  6. Pretty sure the "modern" SR250 is just a smaller engined version of the newer SR400 - which would explain why it's different to the 1980's models.

    If this is the case then aftermarket seats are far from difficult to find - just a question of how much you're willing to pay. There's 381 different designs to choose from here:
  7. I haven't compared them side to side, but having looked at the modern 250 in the flesh I'd say they are definitely a smaller frame. However those cafe racer seats look pretty universal and smallish so you could surely find a way to fit one and have it look proportionate.
  8. I know I’m digging up on thread here… But, just wondering did anyone find something to go for (for the seat)? Did you find anything that was an easy fit? I just recently scored a beat up SR250 and am looking for suitable seats - preferably ones that do not require frame modification…