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SR250 - Melbourne

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Devery, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I recently bought a Yamaha SR250 hoping to create a cafe racer on the cheap, but hopefully not something for people to laugh at!

    I spent a few weeks getting the bike sorted for road worthy and registration, all sorted now. First thing I wanted to do was take the bike for a decent ride, so I went with mattb to the SR500 rally on the NSW / Victoria boarder. The bike did so well, I was really impressed and happy with my purchase.

    About 100km out from Melbourne the muffler burnt its self in two... I don't think we need to go in to it... Maybe water, plenty of rust. Sitting for many years and then getting a fair work out. Anyway....

    I need a new muffler :D

    I found a universal reverse cone muffler from Trojan Classics (though I think I've seen it elsewhere). Reverse Cone Muffler.

    I've seen it put on an SR250, just wondering if anyone has any experience with these mufflers? Are they any good. The price is good.

    If not this muffler, does anyone know of some good mufflers that would suit my project? Or people who sell them.

    Plenty more things to buy too, so if you have any good websites, ebay stores, or anything... share them here too!



  2. Looks familiar..... :D
  3. Howdy!! :)
  4. God, the whole gang is here!
  5. Looks like an awesome project. universal reverse cone mufflers are pretty nice, the quality is good for what you are paying. you need to go buy some polishing bits, and sandpaper and start polishing up that engine ;)

    If you really wanted to be risky, go get your angle grinder, and start turning it into a bobber :-O
  6. I've got two on my still non-running project. they seem fine, have noticed the insides are suffering some flash rust, so would recommend hitting the inside with some hi temp paint to try and protect from that. They seem to be EMGO style, and with the lower US dollar, might be cheaper from JC whitney

  7. I've gone off the short exhaust. I want something longer and simple.

    Lengthwise I want it to end around the rear drum brake region.. I guess the stock exhaust is perfect but I want new condition.

  8. The other question is, can I use any header pipe with the same dimensions? It is also rusty... Or some exhaust tape to make it neat and new looking.?

    I'm thinking a nice header pipe and new exhaust would look ace. Also get a K&N filter then rejet the carb and it should run great. I need to get this done! So hard to make a decision, I need to find things I can buy!