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SR 500, TZR 3XV project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by escape plan, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. hi, looking at trying to put an SR 500 engine in a tzr 3xv frame and was wanting to know the best options for some extra power out of the SR 500 engine, like porting, boring etc. Even if anyone has a link with some good info. I want to resleeve, but i dont know the maximum size bore i can go. does anyone have any tips?

  2. PM Chairmain. He did an SR500 up
  3. and Marlon . . . he has one he put together !
  4. Just don't take Chairman's advice on exhaust systems; there's only room for one bike as noisy as his in the universe :LOL:.
  5. First things first, the SR500 can be bored and stroked to a 600 safely. That'll get you pulling along :grin:

    You can also get them ported etc. A guy at caferacer specialises in SR500 and XT500 rebuilds and I've heard he does amazing work. Last I heard one was clocked at over 200kph's. Ahem, on a private road.

    Check out

    www.caferacer.com.au For the bloke who does the engine rebuilds. He is currently writing an article in VMX (Vintage Dirtbike Magazine) that's a how-to for doing up a SR500 engine using basic tools. Definately worth checking out.

    http://sr500forum.proboards38.com/ For the best English-Speaking SR500 forum around. Strong Aussie presence there and some very, very knowledgable guys.
  6. Interesting mix. Why not just buy an SZR660? It's a fat single in TZR frame but you get trick bits like Paioli and Brembo. OR maybe go with and SRX600 motor and spare yourself the grief of boring out the SR500

    If your heart is set on building an SR/TZR hybrid you might like to talk to this guy:

    Mike Travis
    City: Paparangi, NZ
    Race Bike: Road Race SR500 in a TZR frame
    Contact: ms.travis@paradise.net.nz

    I found him on www.vmx.livewire.gen.nz/members.htm.

    My SR500 has a pretty stock engine - I've fiddled with the carby (Mintons mods) and tidied up the head but no changes to the bore or ports so I can't give much advice there (other than be sure to add the exhaust rocker oiler modification). Other than that my changes are cosmetic - I turned up a blanking plug for the TDC window, rewired for batteryless operation (don't waste money on the fancy kits - its just a big capacitor - I have spares in my shed).

    The bloke to see is Carl Braden if you're in Sydney (Cafe Racer) or Andy Brebner in Melbourne (Vic Wreckers). The SR500 club is very active and a good source of support ( www.sr500club.org ). Andy races his SR - AFAIK Carl does the engine work.

    The other bloke to talk to is Harry Bell at Wideline Engineering in Bittern, (03 5983 9684). He races a TT500 - basically the same motor as the SR500.

    Good luck, and I look forward to seeing it.