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Squids as pillions

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. I feel the need to vent.

    On Monday I saw a couple going for a ride. The driver was wearing thongs, shorts & a t-shirt. His female pillion was in a mini-skirt, strappy top & sandels. her mini skirt was flapping in the breeze as they rode.

    I can imagine the conversation as he picked her up...
    her "do I look ok baby? do I need to wear a jacket in case I fall off?"
    him "no babe, you won't fall. you look hot, let's ride!"

    For crying out loud - if you want to ride around in squid gear that's fine. but as the driver of the bike your pillion's safety is in your hands. Do you not care about your GF enough to ensure she still has an arse left to stare at after she falls?? it just drives me nuts when people risk not only themselves but their passangers.

    Recently my BF had to give a bloke a ride to work. the day before he told him "Make sure you're in long pants, preferably jeans, and a long shirt, preferably a denim jacket." THe guy laughed & said "I'm not your GF mate!" My other half said "If you're on my bike, you wear protective gear."

    When he picked him up the next morning, the bloke came outside in shorts, t-shirt & things. "beautiful day huh?" he said
    "Go back inside & put on proper clothes" my BF said
    "Are you serious?? it's warm today!"
    "I don't care, you're my passanger & I say you don't get on until you're protected!"
    "gees, you're a bit of a safety nazi!" and in he went - changed into tracksuit pants (better than nothing), shoes, & a jumper.

    Anyway - rant over.

    Who else here makes their pillions wear gear?
  2. Squids make great pillions. Their long tenticles mean they can hang on real tight. :LOL:

    Your BF's mate got lucky. I wouldn't have settled for anything less than denin. It's not great protection but beats the shit out of tracky dacks.
  3. I can't Pillion as of yet but i can guarantee you that when i can, ANY pillion who get on my bike will be in proper gear or i won't let them on. PERIOD.
  4. Although it's dangerous nothing looks better then a hot chick as pillion.

    Edit: hot chick as pillion going squid. It's also hot to have full tight leathers as well.
  5. I can't make rules about what other people on other bikes wear, but if it's on MY bike......
  6. It is personal choice I ride in shorts and shoes I always have a jacket on, If I give some one a lift I have a spare jacket but they can where what eva alsong as the jacket and helmet is on.
  7. Yeah I treat it just like a helmet - you've gotta have jeans at least plus proper jacket and gloves, which I'll happily bring along if I'm gonna take somebody.

    Not worth stuffing around with, imagine how you'd feel if you dropped them off and hurt them.
  8. well no bike yet but the missus already has her gear picked out..... pity it'll be a year or so before she can use em....:( looks darn nice.
  9. yeah my BF said he just won't take that guy again cause he was a wanker & refused to wear jeans.
  10. Dad was the same with us when we were young....

    boots, jeans, his old jacket& gloves, and the spare lid.

    never came off with one of us on it though.
  11. I totally agree N1GH7-R1D3R. senceless people with nil responsibility. cheers
  12. I don't really care what a pillion wears on my bike. Road rash is the least of their worries - their ensuing chiropractor bill is probably the main issue.
  13. I actually got a mate of mine who's fairly small wear my wife's leather jacket when I was pillioning him.

    He also had my old crash damaged boots on.

    Thing is everyone's an adult. They can do what they like. Legally all you have to wear is a pair of speedos and closed toe shoes to go riding. (Yes it is illegal in NSW to ride a motorbike with open toe shoes).
  14. other day i saw a squid on a scooter, shorts, t-shirt, thongs. what made this guy stand out was that he had what appeared to be a 5yr old between he's legs wearing exactly the same thing. at least the kid had a helmet on!
  15. Wouldn't happen on my bike.
  16. "WHATS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS.. U Oldies or something... Whats better than a Hot Chick with minis n tangs on your back. You don't wanna undress a whole bunch of leather gear when your in a hurry. Grow up guys....thats how it is now a days. Tell me you NEVER picked a chick in her bare min on your bike and never rode in your shorts" :eek:
    This would have been my reply ten years ago..

    Now.... I prefer my pillion dressed too n as good as they can. I don't want to be responsible for left over skins and bones on the Asphalt no matter how confident I am,
    but honestly sometimes on a scorching afternoon I do ride with shorts n singlets. :twisted:
  17. I avoid the issue - I just don't take pillions - safer for them and me. I just don't want the responsibility or aftermath of a fall, even if they're fully decked out in all the gear. If someone wants to come along - they bring their own transport (and it's more fun having a few more bikes around!)

  18. Good IDea forester..:twisted:
  19. whatever.....

    people choose to do whatever they want to do. if a squid doesn't wear gear himself, is he really going to go on about the dangers of riding without it to his pillion? some people arent as safety concious as the full-gear-only people here.

    tell me, do you all make sure your pillions wear a full leather suit with armour and a well fitting helmet? or is it your old worn helmet, denim jacket, long pants and a pair of leather gardening gloves?

    cos remember that a pair of trakky daks are going to last no longer than a miniskirt, and jeans are only really any good to about 40kph. an old, ill fitting helmet is very unsafe, your old jacket might not fit properly and those gardening gloves will come straight off.

    if a person chooses to be a squidly, thats their thing. and if their pillion chooses to be one too, thats their thing also.

    dont get all worked up about other people doing it, just make sure you yourself dont. no point bursting a blood vessel over it :wink: :LOL:
  20. No squids on my bike...ever...