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Squids are back!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by peter-reebok, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. One week of warmer (not cold) weather, and the number of bikes on my morning commute has exploded!.

    Saw the first t shirt warrior this morning!.

    Seriously, last week, I was alone on the bike against the cagers.
    yesterday, always had 3-4 bikes in sight.
    Today - competing for room at the front of the lights in the 'between lanes'

    At least they made the lanes wider for me!
  2. Are you in brisbane? After all the rain last week, sunday was hilarious, like all the kids had finally been let out to play :LOL: I can't talk though :wink:
  3. Yep, I noticed the bikes (though no squids) out in force on the way to work yesterday :)
  4. Its happening everywhere. 27 degrees in sydney today wooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :LOL:
  5. yeees, i am back! no more pesky protective clothing for me

    i've cleaned my gixxer 750, got my corona singlet, i'm all set
  6. You have not seen squidding until you drive/ride in Florida where even wearing a t-shirt seems optional. :?
    I dont think I saw anyone in thongs but I shuddered every time I saw a squid and there was a bloody lot of them on every type of bike.
    Just doesnt look right........
  7. Ah, that was you! I noticed you a few times the past week except wearing different jeans and seemed to have different skin tones + helmet! You sure do get around ;)
  8. I can stand the screaming, if they can stand the pain.
  9. Excuse my ignorance but what is a squid...I mean obviously I've deduced that it is a moron who doesn't wear ATGATT, but is there anything more to it? :?
  10. I ll go one step further.... what is ATGATT???
  11. All the gear all the time :grin:
  12. [quote="toyboy109]I ll go one step further.... what is ATGATT???[/quote]

    All The Gear All The Time

    And you will also need a flameproof suit if you ever post up here that you've ever ridden in a T-Shirt :p
  13. All the gear all the time. :wink:

    Squids aren't back, I never went away. :wink: It's a long held tradition of mine to squid to the servo for a re-fuel and tire pressure check the night before a big ride and winter never stopped me. :cool: Though I do wear a jumper and gloves. :oops:

    Plus with water restrictions, I'm often forced to squid to the car wash to clean the bike cause it would feel stupid to wash it while wearing leathers. :? Much better in jeans and a rain coat. :grin:

    Even still, bring on summer for my late night bike induced air conditioning to return. :dance:
  14. Walks out to get flameproof suit....

    Gee you guys are harsh... I usually ride in shorts and a singlet...
    oh and a scull cap... some call it a helmet...
  15. when i ride to broulee for a swim, i just wear my speedos, helmet, and a towel over my shoulder. :grin:
  16. ohh....well i never ride wihtout my gear I value my skin! Thanks toecutter
  17. i value mine too, i would never dream of having it any other way but pure, clean, and perfect ;)
  18. Clean?

    & Firefling says I'm blind.

    Get the scrubber out boi cause ya [​IMG] covered in ink! [​IMG]

  19. Meh. Last saturday I was wheelieing in a pair of shorts and a singlet. My risk, my responsibility is the way I see it, although I normally wear a leather jacket and long pants.

    If you live in QLD or Florida in ATGATT in mid summer you will die of heat exhaustion pretty damn quick.