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[squidding] well, the bike is ok...i didn't fare so well

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. The inevitable happened to me yesterday :(
    I was out the front washing my bike, buffing this and that etc. as we all do when we love our machines. When i decided that she was looking good enough, i started her up, jumped on, and started what was to be a very painful and blood-filled experience.
    I stood her up, and started backing her a little so i could get a better angle of approach to get off the footpath and i stumbled...
    The bike started to go down, and i had to save it. so in a selfless fashion i threw my foot out, which was greeted with the side-stand (which i had neglected to put up) directly to the big toe.
    normally, this would only be a "f*cken hell that hurt" experience, and i am sure it has happened to others before....but i tell you what, ive learnt my lesson now....i was squidding. yep, cleaning my bike without appropriate footwear (read - bare feet) and the little flat piece of the side stand that acts as the interface between your bike and the road ploughed its way horizontally through my big toe. The kids saw it all, and after asking if i was ok, thought it was actually quite funny. that was until i made them look at my toe, with the whole nail at right-angles to where it is meant to be and the bone clearly showing albeit covered in grease and crap, then they seemed to actually care again.
    i put the bike back in its place (no way was the bike going to hit the deck) and went to the massive first-aid box that i have and fixed it as best as i could to minimize the bleeding etc.
    wife got home, laughed at me - again, until the dressing was removed - and then became concerned and took me to hospital.
    the nurse was having a few troubles with her lunch, and the doctor commended me on my first aid, and wound dressing skills.
    for now, no stitches, no nothing, until the swelling goes down and it is reassessed during the week. worst case scenario, i get an infection etc. antibiotics etc. blah blah.

    lessons learned?
    * ATGATT - even when WASHING the bike :rofl:
    * It is a wise move to do first aid, and have a first aid kit. can make the difference between keeping or losing your toe :grin:
  2. :eek: Ouch! I squirmed as I read that one! All the best for a quick recovery dude.
  3. Mate glad to see you're in good spitits about it. That's a nasty injury you've got there.

    Hope the toe heals up well and that you're not in too much pain.
  4. Yeah. OUCH! i also was squirming.
    and still am lol, if anyone here didnt squirm that read this, you are a tougher man then i and ughboots.
    u are one tough guy _joel_ i would have been like, "i aint touchin that, kids call the ambulance" LOL :shock:
  5. So, joel, how come you didn't call a tow truck?
  6. I'm having internal struggle, whether to laugh at myself or sook about the toe. its the toe that a nasty individual tried to remove with a block-buster a few years back, so it already had nerve damage...the pain is surprisingly manageable :(
    I'm more miserable that i couldnt go for a ride. I got a boot on today, using force and a couple tears, but there was no way i could apply pressure to change gears. got some nice pain killers too, so i'll sleep well :grin:

    :LOL: i wish i had though of that! :rofl:
    would have loved to have got rox home from work early with that one
  7. ANOTHER squid bike washing thread...when are you people going to learn!
    I am sick of my third party personal insurance paying your injuries! :LOL:
    Hope it settles down fast Joel, toes can be buggers for pain.
    *edit* side note, I always work on my cars, bikes etc with sturdy leather shoes, would have never thought about any problems washing a bike ffs!

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. lol i did the same thing about a month back.
    Moved my bike back in the garage (bare feet)
    side stand hit my toe and riped most of my big nail out + plus blood ect ect.
    Might have photos
  9. :LOL:
    so you know the pain!
    the doctor also said, "no need for an x-ray, buddy. I can see that you have fractured the bone from here" :rofl:
    i got some pics too, just gotta get the film developed (limp downstairs and fetch the xD card from the camera).
    I'll post a link when i do, wouldnt want to spoil anyones dinner :LOL:
  10. I sense man-cans !

    I reckon joel put out a girlie cry !
  11. First the eye, now the toe. You really don't wanna ride huh? :grin:

    Who would have thought a side stand could cause so much damage. Ouch.
  12. rub salt in to the wound why dont ya! :LOL:

    nah, i'll just do anything for a few days off work. cant work without safety boots! :grin:
  13. Me too! My fists clenched in a ball of pain.

    Which toe was it? hopefully ull still be able to change gears when riding :cool:
  14. lol, that's what i thought first...

    the side stand will have a fair bit of weight put on it by the bike, at least a third of the total weight of the bike, if not more
  15. plus 95kgs of big-ugly bastard too! my rear was committed to the seat :shock:
    i was amazed at how easy it sliced it up. i looked down and went "no way, im seeing things....its not even sore :? " then about 1min (adrenalin fading) later i was sulking good and proper :LOL:
  16. so that's what, about 100kg focused in a cm squared on your toe?

    toughen up :LOL:
  17. OUCH! :shock:
    That's got me squirming in much the same way as when we went paintballing yesterday and a mate got shot in the gonads - wasn't wearing a box either. After he finished screaming one of his kneepads was given the much more important job of protecting his knackers rather than his kneecap.

    I know it's probably a morbid fascination, but...

  18. You poor sod. I read this 10 minutes ago and my toes still haven't uncurled.

    I've been known to shift the bike around while wearing thongs. Don't think I will any more.

    All the best with it.
  19. chopper says harden the f*ck up.

    in other news, ow.
  20. FAAAAAAARKen ouch.

    This is why I never clean my bike.