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Squid Training School (aste9974 head instructor)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aste9974, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Welcome ladies and gents to the premiere opening of the Squid Training School. I'll be your instructor for today, and for any other lessons in the future.

    Today is just going to be a very short introductory lesson, in fact I will just show you the basics of Squid Motorcycling, namely, Gear.

    Today's lesson consists of an instructional diagram. Be sure to study it carefully, there will be a quiz coming out soon.

    Class dismissed, next lesson will consist of the fundamentals of squid riding techniques.

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  2. its really coming to that time of year isnt it?
  3. You are almost as awesome as your bike, mate. Been riding for 125 days too?
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  4. hater

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  5. What is that thing in the mirror? Pink squid?
  6. am looking forward to the quiz
  7. After my high side and the evidence on my gear as to the damage it saved me from in a slow speed high side (60kmph) in peak hour traffic all I will say is think very very hard about skin grafts etc
  8. Hehe noob rider cracks me up
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  9. if they have to even think about skin grafts, we have issues!
  10. Ahhh but the best bit before the skin grafts is the debriding of the wounds, To remove all those stubborn bits of ingrained tar and other bits of road, to avoid infection.

    From a ER website :

    10 years ago it was a wire brush used !!
  11. A Gixxer no less.

    Do I need a Gixxer or can I squid on my current ride?
  12. Other than it's a gixxer and I wear a helmet (obviously not a photo from Oz) that could be me going down to the shops in summer. And in all honesty, if I thought I could get away it, there are times I wouldn't bother with a helmet.

    Next thing you'll be telling us is that ATGATT is a must and should be mandatory.
  13. Gixxer?
  14. Oh come on man, I'm feeding you straight lines.

    Haters gunna hate until you can talk the talk.
  15. Did the squid nod?

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  16. S u z u k i gsx
  17. Get a tth t70, might as well not have a helmet on with it. Still has a sticker with the as 1698 stuff on it.
  18. If haters will hate then losers will do what?

    I just read the title, this guy is the "Head instructor", sounds like he has plenty of experience in that endeavor!

  19. Haha. Trent, I mean ONE ;) you should also check out his other threads on here. Plenty of gold!
  20. God this is so feeble it's embarressing. It's like watching a teenager trying to undo his first bra, you know the only way he'll achieve a result is out of pity.