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Squid season has returned

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. Was chatting to a mate on the phone as he was cruising along the Northern Ring Road (Car kit so all legal) when he uttered the words "holy F###", when I asked what's going on he just repeated himself.

    Turns out he was passed by a lane splitter doing over 180 in shorts and a T shirt :shock:

    The next vehicle to pass him was a TMU car in hot pursuit although I don't like their chances of catching the bike :roll:

    Looks like squid season is in full swing once again but then again to be riding like that on the NRR you are probably a few ants short of a picnic anyway.
  2. wooo hooo
    time get get out the singlet, stubby shorts and the thongs out of the closet
    been sitting there for all of winter.... oh and do 180 up the fwy... :LOL:
    hopefully attrack some nice chicks and improve on my tan

    fully sick time :LOL: :LOL:
  3. The shorts and shirt is the riders choice, but the speed and damage he could do to someone else is unforgiving.
  4. Never ends up here. :cool:
  5. where abouts are you?
  6. oh like thois hasn't been posted to hell...

    cmon get over it, squidding is a choice, not for you to say if it's right or wrong, hell when my father started riding there was no such thing as safety gear

    trhank you safety nazis for forcing your opinions on everyone else :roll:
  7. Must have been stuck in 3rd :LOL:
  8. As long as they are a good enough rider to accomplish the basics; like parking...

  9. mann if i clicked it into 4th maaaate......it would be like doing 250 man
    im fully sick...... not a crazy arab :LOL:

    no offence to arabs
  10. I always see an idiot who rides his trail bike around my area. Wearing a tshirt and shorts, no helmet he will ride on the footpath and start doing jumps off driveways etc.

    Cops were called but they cant do anything unless they catch him. Thinking of setting up an outdoor security system to catch him being an idiot.

    as for the guy you were talking about. i do like the chances of the cops catching him, altho i dont like the chances of them catching him alive...
  11. And thank you for forcing your opinion onto us.

    Pot, meet kettle.

    Troy - I'm in sunny Qld. Squid season never ends here, it just gets worse this time of year.
  13. mate i think he needs to work on his tan just a little
    a few days in the sun with the correct gears and he will look like this


    like a fully sick sex god :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. FARK! It started already?!?!?!

    Here i am looking like a twat wearing my leather jacket and gloves this morning!! :oops:
  16. Yeah. Just to make up for this morning, im gonna ride home tonight in nothing but my boxers and work shirt.

    How dare they open squid season and not tell me!
  17. This guy must be making up for lost time, too!

  18. he must not of been making up for 'that' much lost time. he is still wearing his BOOTS! :wink: :LOL:
  19. :LOL:

    Yep, saw one on my way home last night.

    Old bugger (about my age :roll: ) on one of those oversized silver super-scooters -- no gloves, polo shirt, "stylish" checked walk shorts, short white socks and those plastic "crocs" things on his feet -- at 100 km/h in peak hour traffic on the Freeway.

    (Point of protocol here -- as a safety Nazi, should I end the post with "Cheers" or "Seig heil!"?) :wink:
  20. If you were on Lygon Street in Melbourne last night, you would have seen.......
    2 fellas on CBRs in shorts and t-shirts, 3 dudes on scooters in shorts and t-shirts/jumper and thongs, dude on a cruiser with long sleeve and shorts and thongs with mrs cruiser in one of those half tops and hot pants..... And I was there for about 30 mins. :LOL:
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