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Squid rider comes off

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by cruisingal, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. Check out the shoes...that's gotta hurt :shock:

    video link

  2. A squid and his skin are soon parted.
  3. There is some one where I work who laughs at me for wearing all my armour on these hot days….he rides in shorts, t-shirt and no gloves….

    He came of last week on centre road (was a low speed so he is mostly ok and IMO a very lucky boy)…..
  4. :rofl: :rofl:

    par for the course when you are a SUPER-squid!!!

    :squid: [-X ........ :-({|=
  5. I think he's going to have very, very sore feet after that one!
  6. Movie speaks for itself...... read a post from an ambo in QLD who has responded to some recent calls for off's on Mt Glorious. four calls = 2 off duty police 2 x people (one of them a cop) wearing runners and two of them going home with only one shoe on and very sore tootsies!
    Can't say I enjoy seeing people hurt but I'm always willing to make an exception for morons.
    After all accidents like that are God's way of getting rid of stupid people. helps reduce traffic on the roads for the rest of us.
  7. Sorry, I don't agree. Nothing, but nothing, breeds faster than stupid people. "God" can mow them down by the millions, and when he thinks he's finished and looks up for a breather, there'll instead be 5 times as many as when he started. :p
  8. That gets my vote for NR 'quote of the year' (so far, anyway)! :LOL:
  9. free licenses and r1's to stupid people? Having said this, they do serve a perpose by providing us with all those entertaining videos....and of course the Darwin awards.....
  10. C’mon you superficial lot, skin is overrated, its what’s underneath that counts :LOL:
  11. Good point. After all, what else are the squids going to leave streaked along the bitumen once they run out of skin?
  12. Woops, another squidmark on the road. :roll: :LOL:
    We know skin sticks to bituman, but i wonder if bituman sticks to skin.
    What if they need to re-seal the road?
    Better ask Joel.......

  13. it sure does stick to skin. i have a baby-oil shower at the end of every week to remove the crap. it makes my shower-water brown :shock:

    hmmm, reseal or not..... first lets see if it strips, or BLEEDS, then we'll make a decision :LOL:
  14. :rofl: yeah, it would stick like poo to a blanket.
    If it's bleeding, do we reseal? or call 000 :-k
    Gold. :LOL:


    The bike! The bike!!!!

    *shakes head*
  16. Ahhh the squids, always a hot (painful) topic :LOL:
  17. Another moron learns the hard way.

    Suck crap to him.
  18. a kid near me went walking over freshly laid bitumen last year. 3 months later his feet were white again.
  19. You fellas are ruthless. The poor facker had a hell of a tumble and got beat by the bike & road... thats enough I'd say.
  20. I say Stiff Sh*t!! Squid to your heart's content but if you choose to squid and try to play the stunt god then all I can say is thank god someone was there to film the dumb ass....
    thus spake the safety nut.........