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Squid Purity Test

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by teodons, May 11, 2010.

  1. I wish I could.. but work would notice lol. I'll try tonight.
  2. Oh, just realised, at work till 8pm :D I'll do it tonight (before I get home) lol
  3. Score of 75

  4. This is what I got back:

    So far, 16289 people (including you) have responded to this Squid Test Survey and have been tabulated. Of those responses, the average grade is 53. Your grade was 83 (from 0 to 100), and 3 out of the 115 questions were left un-answered. The average number of questions answered in this test is 47.

    A higher grade indicates a stronger sense of common decency, and a lower grade is an indication of conspicuous squidliness and general disregard for civilized society. Your score indicates that you are a fairly responsible motorcyclist but a bit of a wise-ass. Your test answers seem a bit skewed however. Are you sure you properly answered ALL the questions on the form?
  5. Can I choose not to post my score....? :bolt: lol

    67 - although I found some of the questions didn't have an answer that was truly appropriate for me.

  6. .... um... shock?

    What a weird answer from them sivartydrup!
  7. I got 82; also noticed this test has been posted on Netrider a few times already.

    For those that have already seen it, I offer the Squid Quotient test. My SQ is 143 =x
  8. So... If I got below 100... on the SQ?
  9. i got 72.

    ehh, i do what i want.
  10. same as JimmyD, 72.
  11. 56

    Apparently I'm "an idiot whose driving license should be taken away and replaced with a tricycle."

    I feel so proud. Sniff.
  12. 44
    I just spent 20 min to find out something I already knew

    a pathetic example of incredible stupidity who shouldn't be let out of the house unsupervised.
  13. 56 also
    Your score indicates that you are an idiot whose driving license should be taken away and replaced with a tricycle.

    Yeah but see I don't consider myself dangerous at all.. I could go into many reasons why I'm a safe rider but that just takes effort

    Just because I rely heavily on zip ties and duct tape doesn't mean I'm dangerous :p.. just mildly dodgy
  14. Mildly dodgy? You've just become my idol!
  15. an idiot whose driving license should be taken away and replaced with a tricycle :deal::squid:
  16. Judging by the answers people have posted, I reckon whoever wrote that quiz is a bit of a twat who should don their flouro safety jacket and f*** off somewhere I can't hear them whinge and b1tch and prattle and moan about what a responsible individual they are.
  17. Whoo! I've been sig quoted!

    My life is officially complete :cool:

    Cuz everyone knows..
    All the cool kids get quoted in signatures.