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Squealing sound when starting CBR

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kransky.dan, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. hi all,

    it has been a fair while since posting / looking at bike but thought I might try and make a come back.
    My CBR got dropped a while ago, had the strator cover replaced but never started again.

    Took it to a mechanic who got it running ("not sure what they did" was the official line I got) but after leaving it for a week it would not start again.
    Suddenly it started making this high pitched sound when turning over

    does anyone have any suggestions about what it could be? Im not very mechanical but happy to investigate a fix as its not worth the $$ for me to take it somewhere and I might as well learn a bit along the way. Below is the sound

    CBR noise.mp4

    any help is appreciated!!


  2. Wow. That really is an awful noise. AND it didn't start. Sounds like something rubbing (that shouldn't) Narrow it down.

    You could remove the stator cover inspect for bits of the damaged cover that might have found their way into that - this, or the possibility that the stator has been damaged in some way seems most likely. You could test it before removing the cover,by removing the plugs and turning the engine by hand to see if noise is coming from that area - you should be able to hear and maybe feel the bind that makes the screech and maybe be able to identify the source of the sound with a lot less vigorous action or the noise of the starter motor.

    It might be starter (not stator) related. But my guess it is stator related
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  3. Thanks Jstava, I get home next Tuesday so keen to have a look. I'll give it a try and see how it goes. Appreciate the quick response!

    Fingers crossed! I miss riding.
  4. A lot of people worry about little noises that their bikes make, needlessly.

    Congratulations. Finally a post which isn't needless. If my bike made noises like that I'd be seriously worried. Jstava's advice is good . Turn over by hand and try to narrow down the source of the noise.
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  5. I've had a similar problem of a high pitched squealing noise coming from my kitchen area every time I start one of my bikes and take off down the road
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  6. Nasty. That's something tearing itself to bits. What's the oil looking like?
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  7. Is there someone in your street wandering sadly crying out, "here puss puss puss..." and glaring knowingly in your direction?
    I had a truly horrible whining screechy engine noise in the Subaru and then a very telling smell a few days later...I had unknowingly committed manslaughter on a possum :(
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  8. Good suggestion Titus

    That is also a good thing to look at. Cam chain slider is another candidate, or a bearing somewhere. Bits in the oil will be a teller. Another possibility is a broken clutch part come adrift. At any rate, you really don't want to be running the engine to try to locate the source of the sound.
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  9. thanks everyone for the replies - i will get home and do some checks as suggested and report back - hopefully you guys have solved it and im back on road!
  10. I may be pointing out the obvious, but is the engine actually turning when you hit the starter or is just the starter making that noise? there might be something wrong with the sound on my computer but i'm only hearing like a 0.5 sec audio