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Squeaky Front suspension - VTR 250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by oliver, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. As stated in the topic my 07 VTR 250 has a squeak in the front forks. When I put some weight onto the bars and depress the suspension it squeaks on the way down.

    I'm new to bikes and this is my first road bike and I'm probably worrying about nothing, but I would have thought a bike only a year old wouldn't have had time to start to develop funny noises :?

    Any ideas on what's causing this noise?

  2. first a few questions ...
    Is there any oil coming out around the forks near the seals..
    Dose it make the nose when the brakes are on.(put front wheel up against wall/pole and push down without the breaks on.
    And what sort of squeak is it ..sharp or dull .
    Does it sound like rubber shoes when they squick on lino..
    It most likely isnt anything to worry about if there no oil ,Its most likely the dust seal that on top of the forks oil seal squicking ..
  3. No oil, clean as a whistle

    It makes the noise regardless of whether or not the brakes are on

    Sharp, dull, shoes on lino, hmmm..............Not sure how to best describe it, but a squeaky bed is the first noise which comes to mind.
  4. I would go and get it checked by a dealer ,just to be sure is it still under warranty???
    I wouldnt do any work yourself unless your very confidant and have all the special tools fork seal removers and insulers etc...
    It might be nothing, but if its not getting it sorted now will save you Dollars ...

  5. The thing to check, and possibly the most likely cause, is the metal guide for the speedo cable, clamped to the left side of the front guard. Oddly enough it can develop a loud squeak which is easily cured with a quick squirt of WD40 on the cable or the guide.

    Or even a small amount of vaseline (petroleum jelly). I can't remember which method we used on ours.

    Alternatively, there could be a slightly bowed spring inside one of the fork legs, which is scraping the inside of the fork leg. However, that usually causes more of a scraping sound, rather than a squeak.


    Trevor G
  6. Didnt think of the speedo cable guide good one trevor..I just assumed that the speedo was a gear driven on the final drive sprocket like most Honda's..
    If its not this I would still take it in its a new bike so it should be covered under warranty...
  7. Got it one Trevor, all sorted now :grin: :grin: