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Squeaky brakes

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by ryangus, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Anyone able to tell me what causes the rear brakes when I apply the rear disc brakes on my F650GS?

  2. Probably just the pads glazed over?
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  3. Generally glazing of the pads, pull the pads out and scuff them up a bit with fine grain sandpaper. Gently, you are just trying to cut through the glazed layer.
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  4. And don't forget to use a proper brake clean! It's not expensive and can be bought at supercheap auto.
    The squealing is glazed pads and carbon build up.
    So emery cloth to take the glaze off the pad and brake clean to get rid of any carbon build up. And no more squeaky brakes for a month or two..... oh and go a different rear pad when it's time to change then.
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  5. When I picked up my bike the back breaks squealed like a howler monkey. Previous owner said he simply had NEVER used them since he bought it.
    I started using them as much as I could, and on the freeway Id hold a small amount of back break pressure. Have done this the last couple days and the back break no longer squeels.
    Feels worn in and more responsive now.
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