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Squeaking with Pillion

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jfiddy, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. I had a pillion ride with me for the first time yesterday and noticed the bike ['s suspension?] squeaking on every bump in the road.

    We're a combined weight of <120kg and riding on a Ninja 250R (ex250j).

    are squeaky noises common when riding with pillions?
  2. Hmm, swingarm bearings?
  3. maybe your pillion needs lubing?
  4. hahahahahahahhaha
    Nice one Vtraffair though with the bumps the pillion could have been self lubing
  5. Yes, I find pilions often tend to squeek.
  6. When my son has been pillion on my bikes, I don't think there was an issue with self lubing, only happiness from going out for a ride.
    With tweets on the bike, now that was a different....

    Jfiddy, depending on what your pillion was wearing, maybe boots or leather pants were somehow rubbing on the bike, and with the bounce of suspension, you took this as a squeaking noise....

    But then Loz's answer could be on the money....
  7. Thanks guys.

    Would a spray of wb40 be a good short term fix until I get it back to the shop for service? Or I shouldn't be worried?
  8. Wd40 for the bike, or the pillion???? :rofl:
  9. excessively on both.
  10. Take the bike for a ride without the pillion, see if you hear the same sound again.
    If not, and you don't plan on pillioning again, maybe wait till you have your next service done and mention it then.
  11. The bike is fine without pillion... there's only 2,000kms on the bike. What's the worst that could happen?
  12. Don't use WD40 on oil or grease - it'll remove it and then you'll have more grinding than squeaking, in which case using it on the pillion might be advantageous.

    If it is the swing-arm bearings/pivot then it'll need to be repacked with grease. I'd ask about it at the next service.
  13. My initial thought was swing arm bearings or suspension linkage working through a different part of their arc due to the extra weight but with only 2k up, not likely. Is it rear bodywork / seat ducktail flexing and rubbing with the weight of your pillion?
  14. Thanks for all the replies guys, very useful. I'll let the shop know for my next service. I'm guessing they adjusted the suspension because the bike handles a bit differently even without pillion.

    TBH I can't really tell. She's around 50kg.
  15. Find a 120kg mate to sit on and ride your bike. See whether the bike squeaks... if not... it might have been the pillion. lol.