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Squeaking noise in reverse

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Debsta, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    When I go in reverse the back of the bike makes a loud squeaky noise. Its pretty loud and im not sure where its coming from. I thought it would go away but it has been days and its still doing that... :shock:

    Any clues??? Thx
  2. unfortunately i dont think anyone will be able to help you we dont have reverse on our bikes :p oh except some that might have mobile lounge chairs better known as goldwings
  3. Very likely it's teh brake pads dragging on the disc, if disc brake equipped bike.
    next time it happens, lightly apply some rear brake, if it goes away, don't worry about the noise any more.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Very likely it's teh brake pads dragging on the disc, if disc brake equipped bike.
    next time it happens, lightly apply some rear brake, if it goes away, don't worry about the noise any more.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Hahahaha, reverse! :LOL:

    Oh wait, you were serious? :shock:
  6. Oh haha yeh, i knew someone was gonna write that :oops:

    I meant when i push it backwards, you know when you pull out off a parking or your garage......

    This applies to you too Tenoq.... :p
  7. Thx Andrew.....
  8. yeah Deb, it maybe two things . .

    1. Brake pads.

    2. Wheel bearings.

    Is it a constant squeek or intermittent as you push your bike backwards.??
    Do you hear anything while riding slow speed ?
    Does it only happen when going backwards ?
  9. Hey Mick, hows was the Alpine trip? Good to know you are back in one piece... :LOL:

    Yep a constant squeak and only when going backwards. My brakes pads were changed about a couple of months ago (or so the person who said he changed it for me). I dont think i hear anything when im riding...Thx
  10. Mine does this. But only when I took a step. Had me foxed until I realised I was knocking the footpegs with my legs as I paddled backards :oops:
  11. Maybe put the bike on centre stand or up on some bricks. Get that rear wheel (I assume this is where its coming from) into the air and give it a spin. If you cant find where the noise is coming from, use a screwdriver (put the handle end on your ear, the pointy end on the squeeky bit) like a stethescope. This will let you know where its coming from.
    Try the wheel hub (bearings), brake caliper (pads) and anywhere else.
    If its coming from the pads, you might just have some crud in there. Theyre supposed to have contact all the time, so you might also have a warped disc.
    If its worn pads, dont ride it unless you have to, and try not to use back brakes. This will damage rotors. Not good, $$$.
  12. Dudes stop Giving each other opinions and contact a mechanic, that is the best advice so no one kills them self when your brakes or wheels fall off or they dont work, just be carefull out there :shock:
  13. I think he’s right you should go get professional help... :p
  14. if u dont grease up your bike it will squeak and if it rained your should greases it up and if you washed it you should grease it up in all the joint parts.
  15. Dude, you should like totally chill out! It's like a squeak dude, and in reverse ! Is your seat going to kill you because it squeaks when you sit on it? :LOL:
    No one's wheel is going to fall off just because brake pads and rotors take a set/ bed in in one diretion, and are noisy in the other direction.
    Perhaps your statement should have read "I know nothing about mechanicals, I'd personally take it to a mechanic".

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Asknig others questions is what this site is primarily about. How will people learn if they take their bike to a mechanic on every occasion? I agree that safety can be an issue for major problems, but if you take yore bike to a mechanic and say "hey, can you fixie uppy the skweeky noise, me not know where it come from" they will see you coming, and the next thing you know youre paying $70ph to get the to clean a rotor.
  17. I am chilled, just letting them know to many people tried to change things themself and ended up hurting them self badly, am just giving you advice. plus i am a mechanic,
    you should come by my work some time i can see what wrong with your bike if u like,
  18. well come by my place i wont charge you for just looking at it and small problems if you like but i will if u need to do some work tho.i will :p ..
  19. We need more mechanics like you, evilR1. Unfortunately as you know, the industry isnt the best paying work (at least not down here) but theres plenty of it. Unfortunately too many mechanics dont have the time for noobs to ask basic questions, and its people like you that keep them on the road and in pocket. Good on you, hope I meet a decent mechnic by the time I get back on a bike....
  20. Good to see you guys are back on track.... :grin: