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Squeaking Front Discs

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Lectre, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Hey all!
    A little while ago I was :facepalm: stupid enough to put my disc lock on my front right rotor, without the reminder strap (it had fallen off just before I used the disc lock). As you can imagine I went to ride off into the sunset and it locked it up, I layed my bike down. Soon after I realised that my right disc was slightly warped as it was giving me a weird feel through the bars.
    I got a new pair of "metalgear" discs (which come with matched pads) for $300 a piece. I decided to get the pair so that when it was time to sell the bike I didn't have to explain why I had a mismatched set of discs.. LOL
    Anyway, the new discs are working like a charm... they feel heaps better than the last ones (I know, probably a combo of the new pads and new discs) but as I've done a couple of thousand K's on them now and they are completely 100% bedded in, they are starting to give a squeaking sound when at low speeds, with low pressure. Also when my brakes are not engaged I sometimes here a squeak or two.

    My questions now become
    "Is there anyway of getting rid of the squealing?"
    "is it the discs or the pads or both?"

    Any advice would be appreciated very much :)
  2. BTW.... I ride a 98 CBR600 - f3
    cheers! :WStupid:
  3. Squealing is usually caused by the pads vibrating at a high frequency in the calipers, most often happens at very low speeds.

    A smear of copper grease on the backs of the pads will stop it if it's the pads.
  4. some pads are worse then others. Try different brand pads if it start to annoy you or difference ones from their range.

    Always go the softest pad you can get. It's cheaper and easier to replace pads, then discs and they perform better.
  5. Do you know the brand/composition of the pads currently in the bike? I have a set of Kevlar pads in my bike at the moment & they do pretty much what you have said. I just ignore them :LOL:
    I would be a little bit hesitant to slip the softest pads you can find in. Specially if you are a bit of a demon braker. Cause you may get a nasty surprise the next time you come barreling up to a corner about 20km/hr too hot :shock:
  6. Chamfering the front and bacl corners of the pad is said to reduce squeal.
    Did you clean the rotors before you installed them? They may be contaminated by oil.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. You may have glazed the rotors by going too easy on them. A light touch is good for bedding them in, but you should also give them a good workout every now and then. Practice some quick stops. That should clear them up a bit.
  8. Quick solution: Take the pads out and give them a rub down with some sandpaper or even on a level part of concrete.
    Rub until the shine is off them, give them a wipe down with a damp cloth (or a blow with compressed air) - that should stop them for a couple of weeks of normal riding.

    Better solution: buy some better pads. Softer comp pads won't squeak, but won't last that long. Harder compound will squeak but last longer.

    Just look for the top of the range brande (cars equiv would be bendix ultimates)
  9. I followed the mechanic's (who is a mate of mine) advice as far as bedding them in (IE take it easy for the first 200k, then progressively get nasty on them) and for the first 3 weeks after bedding them in there was no squeal, but it has gradually increased since. I wasn't expecting it as the discs came with matched pads...
    the discs were definitely cleaned after being put on (watched it myself).

    Thanks for advice all.. will probably wait until it drives me bat-sh1t crazy before replacing them, but will see what I can do in the meantime to see if anything stop it :)
  10. Copper grease will stop it....