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squeaking front brakes and other noise

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cosi, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. in the last day my front wheel has been squeaking on every turn, when im slowing down it gets louder, i'm not sure if its because you cant hear the engine or what.

    also my back brake squeaks when braking at low speeds.

    i have searched the forum and found some answers but just double checking.

    i know it could be the wheel bearing.

    the front brake is now starting to make a noise as if the tyre was flat? perhaps the noise of a bicycle tyre..

    the front tyre is almost worn down.

    help :(

    is it safe to ride ?
  2. Put the bike on the centre stand and get a mate to hold the from wheel off the ground with the handle bars steady (might help to have the wheel turned and get the mate to hold it there tight). Put one hand on either side of the wheel hand try wiggle it. If there's any movement then it's likely to be rooted bearings.

    As for the brakes, it sounds like the back may have worn out. The front I have no idea. Good description but not familiar, sorry. :)
  3. Since you probably don't have a center stand it is possible to get the front wheel of the ground by sitting on the bike, putting your weight back as far as possible, and leaning it over onto the side stand. Obviously you'll need someone else to check for movement in the front wheel.
  4. hmmm how much of the pads do you have left?? From what I remember when you bought the bike they were on the thiner side of half way...