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Sqeaky brakes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Arik, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,
    The front brakes on my VTR250 often squeal on moderate braking, and sometimes when moving the bike I can hear some rubbing from the front brakes - it has 3500ks so I'm pretty sure things aren't worn/warped.
    Is this easy to adjust?

  2. Have a look see if you have a small stone stuck in them, or if you've been riding them they could have glazed.
  3. Ok, I'll check for a stone.
    How do I know if the brakes are glazed? can I rub them down with a jex pad or something to unglaze?
    Details, baby, Details...!
  4. Find a nice clear straight road and slam the anchors on hard from about 50-60 k's a few times. Less experienced riders often don't work the pads enough, and they glaze (polish)...treat them rough every now and then, and they will thank you for it. Use both though, I doesn't sound like you are quite ready for stoppies yet.
  5. Pull them out to se if there glazed, they'll look shiney, if you havent seen a glazed pad before you may not pick the diferance, but any way, just get a bit of rough emerycloth or sandpaper (not wet/dry or drylube) lay the paper on a flat surface and sand the pad.
  6. Yeah the front brakes do get a workout pretty often - I like practicing emergency stops so I'm pretty agressive with the front brakes.
    I'd think I 'ride' the rear brakes more often than the front...
    I was wondering whether there were adjustments for the pads - I know on a pushie if the pads are not aligned right they'll squeal.
  7. Nah, no adjustment on disk brakes
  8. second this. a light file will also do the job.

    Try not to breath the dust in.
  9. So other than glazing, what would cause the brakes to catch the rotor when you are not braking (i.e. when wheeling the bike can hear a light scraping noise fromt he front end)?
    If there's no adjustment do I have to wait a bit longer before everything beds in - or is my rotor warped?

  10. Third this....but be careful not to let the pistons move all the way out when the pads are removed. Put somenthing around the same thickness as the pad between the piston and the disk until you replace the pads.
  11. On disc brakes, there is nothing to realy push the pads back. so they tend to scape a little all the time.

    Some calipers are worse then others.
  12. yep... from the sounds of it I wouldn't stress to much...
  13. Thanks Guys, Sorted.
  14. how worn are the pads?? solmetimes they dont 'look' worn untill you put a new set of pads next to them and see how much meat new pads have
  15. I Blast please do not forget the boot seals on the pistons actually perform some fuction in pulling the pistons back. the action of releasing the brake lever (internal spring in master cylinder) returns that fluid to the master cylinder and there is always a second drilling to ensure that no air can be drawn back down in the m/c but the seals themselves will draw the piston back a little further (just done 25 year old brakes and the squealing or rubbing is totally gone now)
  16. The squeling can also just be the back of the brake pad vibrating at a high frequency on metal (similar to car brakes squealing), a little copper grease applied to the back of the pad will fix this.