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Spyware (removal software)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dazza, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. Spybot, Search and destroy are crap. I never use them any more either because Lavasoft - Adaware 6(which is freeware) is perfect for all spamware I've found.
  2. interesting.....
    I use both Adaware and Spybot
    coz Adaware gets rid of stuff Spybot does not
    and Spybot gets rid of stuff Adaware does not
    (and both are the latest version)

  3. The absolute king of Spyware removal is HijackThis (which is free). Only shortcoming it has is that the user NEEDS to be reasonably savvy, otherwise you'll trash your computer. NOTHING hides from this puppy. If anyone wants a copy, you can get it here.

    Adaware SE is decent, but doesn't get everything. Spybot Search & Destroy is near-on worthless.

    Cheers 8)
  5. Also Spybot: Search and Destroy (note that its one product) can be run with resident protection (Teatimer) to stop the spyware getting in. But you have to pay for the Plus or Professional editions and then it crashes 9 of of 10 boots. I find that generally Spybot also does better at getting rid of spyware as well.

    The other benefit of Spyware is that using its license you can use it within a business where as the Adware Personal edition can only be installed on home computers.

    Even at this early stage I've heard of a couple of people who have done serious damage to thier computer using the new Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) so be warry of it. After all it is a beta.

    I haven't tried HijackThis, probably should check it out.
  6. HijackThis looks pretty powerful but you're not wrong about the user needing to be savvy. But I didn't find any problems and I've only been running Spybot. Which I'd say invalidates your last sentence.
  7. pirate windoze..... ahwell, i'll live without it :cry:

    dont get spyware neways, have a decent firewall at work and home and i dont frequent p0rn sites..... safe as houses :LOL:
  8. Dazza,

    Tried it, liked it, kept it.

  9. Not at all - its just that you haven't got any spyware on your machine that Spybot has missed. I see these problems on a daily basis.

    I tell users to run Adaware SE because its nearly impossible to screw it up, and its never in my experience attempted to remove something important and legit. Can be a bit slow to respond to new threats though.

    Personally I use HijackThis, because I KNOW my computers (and those I work with) - I know whats safe to remove and what isn't.
  10. I suggest you dont run it with Teatimer
    i have found it conflicts with just about every AntiVirus software there is
    and if it (Teatimer) does run, it slows your PC to the point it just about stops
    ...on Win2000 machines I have checked TaskManager and it takes up 99% of the CPU ... :evil:
  11. not sure about that
    you get spyware from....nine.msn and Hotmail, also yahoo I think
    and they are just a few for starters

    ever been to the The Age site??? I am told Fairfax drop...'Doubleclick' on your PC.

    the Ozzie banks and Govt Sites (Tax office etc) seem to be the only ones that I have found to be 'clean'


  12. huh?

    Never had any trouble with it at all. Used it with VET, Norton Antivirus, Macfee, AVG without a hickup. I've never seen CPU usage get above 2% on my laptop (WinXP 1.8 GHz) but older machines with thier slower CPUs would probably see higher figures.

    Prevention is always better than cure, so TeaTimer is top notch in my book.
  13. Looks like we are in the same boat with having to deal with this stuff reguarly, both at work and at friends and family member homes.

    While I know the computers and know what should and shouldn't be running, I also know my users and they will continueally try and get as much spyware they can in the shortest amount of time. So running TeaTimer means I at least get some sleep.

    Thus far I've found Spybot to be 100% effective at getting a computer back on its feet after being crippled from spyware and also maintain that state thereafter. But I am waiting for the day when a user will click Allow when TeaTimer detects spyware being installed. But it at least it makes them aware of what they are doing and forces them to sit back and think about what it is they are installing and how much they will attract my Ire.

    So I get more sleep and I make my users actually think about what they are going. Pretty good damn value for $0 for a business or home users.

    But one thing all these spyware packages are missing is the automatic update of spyware definitions. That would be nice.
  14. yes would be nice.....it would save me a lot of time
    but maybe as the software is $0, one can't have everything :(
  15. Spybot has the better name but Adaware does the better job.

    Dazza, no I haven't tried yours yet. Soz about the chest beating bs..lol.
  16. yer, i know it can come from just about anywhere, but those sites are the worst culprit from my experiences.

    to date, neither my home PC or my work laptop have seen any spyware. maybe i'm just too boring and dont visit enuff sites, or maybe i dont install bulshit on my pc and surf naughty sites :LOL:
  17. the age dont interest me, dont use hotmail dont visit yahoo and ninemsn is swapped for google as the home page the SECOND windoze is installed :wink:

    as far as i can tell, if your firewall does its job properly and you dont install anything that pops up on your screen (tho SP2 for XP seems to stop the majority of that now) then you should be fine. i havn't had the faintest hint of spyware on either PC since i ditched those crappy P2P programs and started paying to download illegal schtuffs :D
  18. pay...............????????
    lmao :p