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Spurs: Wednesday 11th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Urban, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Sorry for the late notice but I just saw the forecast for tomorrow and suddenly I'm feeling a bit crook and don't think I'll be well enough to go to work in the morning.

    Now, my real problem is that the only chemist that sells the medicine I so desperately require is in Marysville and I'm a bit concerned that I'll most likely ride straight through Marysville (being as sick as I am) and not even realise until I end up at Reefton.

    After I curse my absentmindedness I'll have to head back to Marysville for a feed at the bakery, (oops, mean visit the chemist to get my medicine) and then head back home to the sick bed via Healsville.

    If anyone else is feeling a bit off colour at the thought of a sunny 31 degrees and needs to go to the chemist as well, I'll be leaving from the usual servo on the way out of Healsville at 11.00am.



    Mods, apologies for not doing the events calender thing but I really am on deaths door, honest I am. :wink:

  2. Jeff, I know where there's a good chemist, PM me before your post gets deleted. I've got to get a prescription filled tommorrow too.
  3. Ha, ha :LOL:

    It's a pretty late notice ride so I'm hoping they'll take pity on me.
  4. Anybody else not feeling the best?
    Need a soul day?
    If anybody wants to hook up around Rowville, we can go through the hills out the back of Emerald to Healesville. Make a day of it.

  5. Hi Jeff,

    I'm up for a spin. Give me a call to confirm meeting time/place.

    Will PM you my number in case you don't already have it.
  6. Cathar, do you want to hook up in the hills for the trip over?
  7. Sure. Where shall we meet? What time. Emerald? 10:20am? Shell?
  8. Sounds good, RHS b4 roundabout?
    0401 158 890
  9. There's two roundabouts, but only 1 Shell station in Emerald. Meet you at the station. 10:20.
  10. We've got Urban + 3 so far. Last chance folks. If you're already at work, just set off a gas bottle in the carpark, and come and play.
  11. I had a ball playing with the boyz today :p

    Chef and Stew, do you want me to give you the email address for the Virago riders club, now that you've been inducted :p or I could get Vic to change ya nics and make you members of the V squad :LOL:

    Thanks for the little blat on ya beast Chef, I thoroughly enjoyed it :grin:
  12. Pics are up :!: :!: :!:


    Had a heap of fun today. Spurs up and back - ye hah!
    Hooked up with Cathar in Emerald, and took the Maccesfield Rd. Stew ate my lunch, that boy can ride. Don't think I ever saw him without a smile on his face.
    Urban told me he was going to take it easy. And he called work to say he was sick. Don't believe either of those things!
    Cas you can ride my bike anytime luv, just phone in from time to time to let me know where you are, k?
    I've booked in for my Virago Tatt tommorrow, I'll see if Cathar's gunna get his.
    Got nat splatted on the way home.
    The visor (tinted) became completely smeared with bug guts, so i had to ride with it open, at dusk.
    I looked like Jim Cary when i took it off.

    Would do it all again tommorrow if I could......oh wait I can!
    Who's up for a ride tommorrow?

  13. 'twas a great day! Good to get our and share the roads with some good company.

    Yep, I was drooling over the tricked out suspension on the Virago and it brought a big smile to my face, as in the picture!

    I might have to pass on the Virago tatt. Us sport bike riders are all total wooses and can't stand to go for more than 20 minutes without a cafe stop, let alone bear the pain of a tattoo session. I know. I know. My life will not be complete, but I'll just have to settle for the memories of the brief time spent aboard the beastie and dream...

    The videos came out fine. I think the best one was the one where I was in a bit of a hurry coming back down the Black Spur 'cos I needed to get home by 4pm to take my daughter to martial arts practise. I did make it back in time guys. :)
  14. Glad you made it back in time Stew.
    You can always get stick-on tatts for sports bikes......there's a link here somewhere.....I'm sure of it.....
    Can't wait to see the VDO's
    upload upload, yeh hah! wic-keah(whip cracking)

  15. P.S.
    Would've loved to join you kids today but I had to work tonight aswell. However The spurs are mine on Friday. Yippee
  16. hmmm, maybe there is a smudge, I'll give the lens a polish :wink:
  17. Spurs?????

    Come to the GOR ride, we are much cooler people :cool:
  18. You better get photos to prove that me laddo!

    One of you on the Virago should be included. :deal: