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Spurs Ride-BBQ/Fundraiser All welcome! Sat 18th Nov

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Chef, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Meet Point: Mobile Service Station - cnr Stud Rd & Wellington[/u])

    Meet Time: 9:30am for 10:00 departure

    End Point: Mulgrave (My place)

    Ride Class: Level 2 to 5 (+ beginners with ride buddys)

    Distance: Approx. 250 - 300kms

    Ride Duration: Approx. 4.5hrs (including stops)

    TEC: Jypt

    Planned Route:
    Belgrave South to Pakenham (back roads for a warm up)
    Pakenham Rd - Gembrook Rd
    Gembrook Launching place rd
    Don Rd, Dalry Rd
    Healesville (coffee / fuel)
    Black Spur - Marysville
    Reefton Spur - Warburton
    Healesville Koo Wee Rup Rd
    Macclesfield Rd (maybe)
    Wellington Rd - Mulgrave
    BBQ (about 2:30/3:00)

    I Need to know whether;

    A - you want ride
    B - you want to BBQ
    You can put in a fiver, for sausages and lemonade. Or BYO
    C - you want to pay $5

    We have been kindly donated some vouchers to raffle off at the BBQ. All proceeds will go to a fund to get Lenna on the move again and toward anything that will help with her rehab.
    $50 merchandise voucher kindly donated by Netrider Admin
    3 x $25 vouchers for Zoomantics kindly donated by Vic
    Aldi tank Bag - brand new - probably the last one available in Australia - great christmas present
    Tickets will be $2 each or 3 for $5
    We will also have a donation bucket there at the BBQ for any donations.
    Tickets can be bought via Flipper, Scheff.

  2. "That's not a map - This is a map!!!"


    List so far......

    Blue 12

    BBQ - just the bbq
    Raven - hopefully
    Jace - maybe

    PAY $5 for meat & lemonade (edited)
    Cas V1
    Fastkid - (pending operation)
    Ned +1
    Darren Heyes
    Spiced Harley V8
    Little Scheff
    No Rush
    Super Dooper
    Nearly Empty
  3. Still option C - the fiver, and still up or ride buddy for L-Plater etc if you want. Lookn forward to it!
  4. Spurs ride 18 nov

    Lemme check the family social calender , If its clear Ill be in it , dont mind TEC/buddy for newbies either.
  5. Excellent, thanks fellas. Be good to have you along.
  6. I have two weddings on that day, pitty I can't make it. Looks like a good ride though Chef.
  7. Dude, that's illegal. But hey, if you can get away with it, then i guess why not?
    Shame you can't make it, look out for the next one.
  8. I'm interested on this ride but got an invite for a 3pm bday party. I'll update in 5-days time, so pencil me in as a maybe.
  9. Done.
    Who has a party @ 3pm? Can we come?
    Will there be 100's & 1000's?
  10. What happened to half of this thread?
    It was up to page 2 last night :?:
  11. :LOL: it is a children's bday party.
    a distant relative from cairnlea, their daughter's 1st bday. i think they won't mind if a bunch of hoons on bikes showed up and give the little girl some entertainment. :eek: :LOL:
  12. I wondered the same - it was there y/day....oh well :)
  13. Hey chef, pencil Deb and i in for this.
    We will be nice to see the ol GPz getting thrown around a bit :grin:
    Btw..... i heard a rumour that it ain't quite like it used to be..... did someone have a little off???
  14. I restarted the thread guys, and posted into the proper spot.
    It took me a little while to get myself sorted for the posting, and I wanted to get it started early. So Deb, if you've got some time handy can you please kill the other one, it's under General Posting.

    Be great to have you both along. :cool:
    Are you A,B,C?

    Oh, and yeh. I have done some slight modification to the RHS.
    Rolled it off the centre stand in my driveway, when i was cleaning it.

    I fell like such a Newbie - 'rolled my 2fiddy off it's stand when i was cleaning it.'
    Words i swore i'd never say again.

    Oh well. Might be time to streetfighter it! :p

  15. The thread in General is gone, thanx to the unknown mod who did this :)
    Dave and I are A,B and C
    We will prob drop the bikes home and walk around tho so that we can have a few and roll home later :grin:
  16. Well I'm in for the ride and the bbq..

    Got the day off work after being rostered (thank god!) I would have been sooo upset. Bike serviced and ready to go!

  17. Hi guys. I'm adam, and this is my first post. any chance i could come on ride with you guys? Never been on a group ride before, and it sounds like fun.
  18. Thanks mate, I hope it was a quick kill :wink:

    The fiver for the bbq covers the snags, bread and lemonade.
    If anybody wants to bring anything heavier than that, they are more than welcome to byo.

    Oh, and i went to hire Drop Dead Fred, but it's still out!
    So I took my family to your place to watch it :p

    Nah, actually i went around there to get it off you, but you're away.
    Bummer. :roll: :p
  19. Glad it's worked out girly, no refunds on deposits :p :LOL: :LOL:

    It's gunna be great chasing you again, plus you know the road now :cool:

  20. Your in. Are you A,B,C?

    Welcome to NR. aaaand, can you tell us a little about yourself please?
    What do you ride, where do you live, and what medications are you on?
    and do you have enough for all of us? :p