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Spurs Blat

Discussion in 'VIC' started by CBRSteve, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. Anyone keen on a Sunday arvo ride through the Black & Reefton Spurs ,Lids & I will be meeting at 1pm at Anaconda (Cnr Bayswater & Canterbury roads) for a 1:15 leave.

    Just a quick squirt through the Black Spur (stopping for break at Marysville) & then up through the Reefton & home from there.

    It will be a social ride (well suited to learners) so if you're up for a tootle through the hills, we'll see you at 1pm
  2. Erbug......I finish work in Mentone at 2 on Sunday.

    :D :D :D
  3. lil wrote:

    Lil, you do too much weekend work mate. Not good. :(
  4. reckon i might be in on this one, have never been to reefton so this will be a good way to start.

    what suburb is the meeting point?

    edit: don't worry found it
  5. I know....good news though, I have supers off! YEEHAAA!!

    :D :D :D
  6. Nooooooo......lil has the supers weekend off....I mean.....nooooo Im working all day saturday.....
  7. Put me down as a maybe for that one.

  8. If nothing else gets in the way I'll try and come too - guess that makes me a "maybe".
  9. Sorry peoples, if the weather tomorrow is anything like today, I'm out. I'm crap with corners in the dry, hate to see myself tackle them in the wet. No thank you!!

    :D :D
  10. Ahh,but if you learn to take corners in the wet it will make you better in the dry! :p Although,the spur in the wet is not a good idea at all,its mossy enough in the dry!If its not pissing down still,ill be there seeing as anacondas is 2 minutes from my house. :p But i wouldnt hold my breath with this crap bloody weather :evil:

    Just checked Foxtel,they reckon rain till Monday, :( then nice weather again for the rest of the week. :p
  11. G'damn I hate that. Why is it always fine and sunny when I'm f#$@ing working?!?! Damn weather has been getting the best of me all summer... tho I did get a few temperate and dry Sundays in there, fortunately. :p
  12. gixxersrule wrote:
    Ahh, but I'm a big chicken and still taking baby steps. :oops: :)

    :D :D
  13. LOL! :LOL: Well it seems to have dried up a bit out our way,so you have no excuses now! :p Dumbarse Foxtel weather reckon showers clearing today,so that prolly means no rain,OR,lots of rain. :roll:
    They've changed the forcast for this week again too(already!) Only 3 sunny days forcast now :roll: I really think they just take a stab in the dark. :p

    Edit:Glad i dont live up on Mt Dandy',its only 6 degrees up there atm! :shock: :shock:
  14. We're still on for today (although at a slower pace maybe)

    Lids-You should still come. Doesn't matter how long it takes you. It's great to ride in all conditions so you know what to expect.
  15. Will see you at Anaconda mate, 8) Hope to see everyone else as well!Come on,you know you want to! :p Will have my airbrushed Shoei on today,just so you know how to recognise me! :p

    Edit: The sun just came out and i can see blue sky!woohoo!prolly wont last though! :p :LOL:

    2nd Edit: Now theres freakin black clouds!Arrrgghh,piss off rain... :evil:
  16. Doh....i thought this ride was yesterday....I gotta learn to read gooder...

    Hmmmm......I wont be there today, already made plans with the little ladyfriend.... not to mention the homework is starting to stack up already :)
  17. LOL! :p reading gooder helps :LOL:

    Oh yeah,you just dont want to race me!!lol! :p 8)
  18. So whos comin today?We going to have a few or just 2? :p

    Im off in 5 minutes(its 12:55) see y'all down there. 8)

    Edit:Well it was good of no one to show up. :roll: Waited from 1:05 til 1:45 and no one showed.Thought id head up to Reefton anyway,got to Launching Place and it started pissing down so i came home via Mt Dandy. Wet roads most of the way,but passed about 10 people on scooters up Mt Dandy. :p
  19. I showed up!!! :D Thanx for the company everyone!!! Sorry that I slowed you down with my pushbike!!!
  20. Best check your watch, cause I was there, and so was 4 others :p

    Hey Nomad you did alright, for a pushie :D
    And the whole point is that you do it at your pace, not anyone else's

    BTW good ride steve :D