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Spur run

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by gixxersrule, May 27, 2012.

  1. shit hot
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  2. great stuff
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  3. WOW! It's YEARS since I saw that clip last (but I DO have it saved on one of my hard discs somewhere....)

    I remember it prompted some serious argument regarding how close you came to the centre-line at a couple of places :LOL:
  4. Gday Hornet,long time no see/speak! Hope all is well mate :)

    lmao yeah good tmes were had arguing the lines i was taking in those vids :angel:
  5. Things are good, mate, just sold the Hornet recently to a young guy on Netrider, after putting over 100,000 kms on it, and bought a low-mileage '95 VFR 750, learning to ride a V4 now.

    I'm planning on a trip to Victoria in the mid-year school hols, I'd love to catch up if possible :).
  6. Glad to hear all is well mate,congrats on the new (old) bike lol :) shouldnt be a problem re catching up,im sure Lids would like that too and you can meet our daughter too lol :beer:
  7. Great to see those old vids again....
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  8. If I remember that thread correctly, the issue with the lines you were taking was that they were more classic racing lines rather than the usual road riding lines which are slightly more cautious and guarded.
  9. IIRC you had a big shunt a few months after that episode? (same guy?). If so, all good now?
    (If not the same person I apologise).
  10. I think you're right; I believe Paul broke both his wrists.....
  11. Noice. Cold tyres at the start of the 2nd_run? Looked to push a little wide early on. Looks like an absolute hoot.
  12. Lol glad u enjoy them mate :beer:

    That was the general gist of the arguements being put forward amongst others

    One and the same matey,busted both wrists,popped right femur out of hip socket and fractured right hip. For the most part all healed mate,get aches and pains etc in cold weather and cramps in said areas when on the bike more than 30 mins. Could be worse!

    Good memory you have there old timer :)

    Nah,if you look closely you'll see a fella on a dualsport,close behind an on coming car,his original line was to pass the car till we saw each other and both adjusted lines. I copped a heap of flack for that a few years back lol. Was a lot of fun back in the day ;-) (vid was taken back in 05)
  13. man i remember watching this video years ago before i even started riding. you use to cop so much flack on youtube haha

    do u head up there much these days now theres so many cops?
  14. haha i love that vid :demon: Always cracked me up how many do gooders pissed and moaned about that overtake! Good times lol

    Have been up the spur twice in the past 2 years matey,way too much heat up there these days and not worth the grief,theres a few other decent roads less policed that are just as much fun :deal:
  15. haha i know how you feel, im sitting on 4 demerit points till october. Any more till then and i lose my license seeing as im on P plates still.

    maybe you should share some of your secret roads in a private message 8-[
  16. Love that sh1t. Hauling ass