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Spur, Reefton, GOR, What Else?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by HANDSY, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. hey all,
    hoping a few of you can add to my very short list of favourite roads.
    i have spent quite a bit of time on google maps lately looking for raods similar to these and not much luck.
    at least 15km, preferably longer.
    good surface, something that doesnt have huge pot holes, bumps, etc, similar type of deck to the roads noted above.
    lots of corners.
    no gravel sections.

    just hoping i can get some new runs in.

  2. you have listed all the good roads in victoria, they are great aren't they :)
  3. they are amazing. but im sure there must be more.....?
  4. Nope, I'm pretty sure they are the only roads in Victoria.
    You have them covered.
  5. sarcasim? 'Only roads' lol.
    just had a look at arthurs seat, is it is good as it looks from google maps? shame its over an hour to get there.
  6. mate just keep an eye out for FLUX's rides and go on one. he will well and truly open your eyes. we headed up to dargo one day in summer.

    the last 60 k's to dargo, think the black spur road quality, good visibility through corners, 60 km of all types of mixed twisties and to top it all off , we had maybe 4 cars pass us the other way on a sunny sunday afternoon.
  7. Arthurs seat is a good run, you can do the wheels test loop which is quite good. Only boring bit is the long freeway run. Anywhere decent does take a while to get to.....
  8. Good roads around Halls Gap.
    The Great Alpine Way.
    Cann River to Bombala (Some of this in in NSW :) )
    The Bonang
    Powelltown - Noojee Mt Baw Baw Tourist rd.
    Many roads in Gippsland.

    You have but scratched the surface Grasshopper. Get a copy of biatch'n Bitumen and enjoy.
  9. Geelong:

    Many back-roads through there

    Mt Buller

    Towong Gap
    Mt Hotham
    Mt Buffallo

    etc etc etc

    There are MANY MANY roads.....
  10. A lot of the best ones require some getting to.
    Mt Hotham (and the rest of GAR)
    Falls Creek
    Tawonga Gap
    Happy Valley
    Granya Gap

    A little closer to home, Warragul to Korumburra (beware cows, poo and milk trucks) and Mansfield tp Whitfield.

    None of these are very forgiving, mind.
  11. just done mansfield to whitfield(and back again) for the 1st time. this road is to motorcycling what 40 virgins is to a terroist. :grin:
  12. Traralgon South to Tarra Bolga NP
    Fingerboards to Dargo
    Highland Hwy

    F&#@k these roads up for the locals and we'll come looknig for you :mad:
  13. don't want a road fcuked up don't post them up :wink:
  14. They were posted in the spirit of motorcycling and sharing with like minded people. :p
    Ride them as much as you like but cause a police presence like the spurs and GOR and they are stuffed for everyone. :(
    Ride half way responsibly and we'll all have a good time for a long time.
  15. +1 for halls gap good roads just be wary of coppers in undercover cars
  16. i too have been looking over google maps lately for nice roads, i think ill have to take a week off work before it starts to get too cold (and snowy in the alps) and ride as many as i can.