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Spur open

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by deadman, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. We went for a ride today, Lilydale Macca's at 9-30am.
    Lilydale, Yarra Glen, Yea, Molesworth, Garawhian rd, Alexandra, Skyline road to Eildon, back to Thornton, across to Tagerty, then through Buxton to the Blackspur Roadhouse, While we were there, the news came through that the Spur would reopen at 3-00 pm.
    So we had to wait a half an hour,
    At 3-00pm we lined up for a gate start to be the first through the Spur,
    All seven of us waiting for the roadblock to be lifted.
    We had the spur to ourselves, good run through, No traffic.
    All in all it was an excellent day of riding with a good bunch of girls and guys, and good roads all the way.

    The people of Alexandra, Taggerty, Buxton, Narbethong, Thorton and Eildon need your financial support, There economy is built on the tourist trade, and if you dont support them now, they will go broke.

    The Blackspur is open, so get up there and support these people.






  2. whats the condition of the roads? is it all fixed and cleared up now? very excited to hear this news.
  3. Great news. How is Ray?
  4. Rays great, The fire was about 1000 metres behind his place, The spur is in excellent condition, But the devestation is something else.
    Hows the floods up your way effecting you, That cyclone is something you dont need, as your under water already.
  5. Couldn't you find one with a smile.
  6. I am seriously happy. And bringing those fires to a halt would have taken some serious work.
  7. guess it's time to pop my spur cherry.

    anyone free tomorrow? :LOL:
  8. 9-00 am Lilydale, Macca's. Wednesday 10 March, Need a coffee as a heart starter First. See you there,
  9. todays the 10th, so i assume you mean tomorrow? hehe :p

    sounds good, cheers mate :D
  10. Sorry, I have put in todays date.
    Its Wed March 11th, 9-00 am. leave approx 9-30 am.
    Any one else that wants to come, they are quite welcome.
    Its during the week and very little traffic, so all classes could come.
    Good chance to improve your skills and learn.
  11. piccys

    You done well with your ride on Wednesday Ash, Just add miles under you and you will be a very good rider,
    Heres a few piccys,
    1 Fernshaw, Spur
    2 Long flat straight in spur
    3 Up the straight in spur, thats Ash looking at 60 klm speed sign
    4 Buxton to Taggerty
    5 Cathhedral Lane Taggerty
    6 Chum Creek road





  12. Fark, that is so sad. I am so glad my riding memories of those places is when they were relatively lush and green.

    It would be sobering to ride those roads and know just know that people died within a few km's of where you were. A few weeks ago that was hell. :(
  13. So will the police have to change their camo?
    Where are they goanna hide now to deploy the revenue cameras?
  14. we already saw them with black and brown camo :p

    @me staring at 60km/h... it was quite needed, i mean, those straight sections, gotta be careful :LOL:

    all my pics were similar to brians cept this one, taken in narbethong (spelling?)

  15. I actually have a lot more piccy's, But I consider them inapropiate to put on here as they do show destroyed buildings.
  16. yeah i thought you'd taken a lot more. but fair enough not putting em up.

    i hope the car one isnt inappropriate =\
  17. It could be very traumatic for the people involved, if they see pictures of their terrible tragedys displayed,
  18. Any chance we could take that one of the car down?

    I know when I've questioned people about 'fire tourists', it was the whole people stopping and taking photo's of where people lived and their possessions that really was the issue.
  19. yep, done.

    didnt want to appear a fire tourist, it was just one of the few (two or three things) that really hit me. only one i took a pic of though.

    apologies if it affected anyone.


    edit: brian will need to get rid of it in the quote :p