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spur of the moment trip. 3-7 days where to go???

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by slickncghia, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Guys,

    just realised I have a week or so off from work (unpaid :( )

    Melbourne weather is going to be a bit rainy this week. so rather than sit around the house watching movies and moving the lawn.... why not go on a spur of the moment low budget trip.

    for anyone that thinks this isnt well thought out....nothing i do is. ive had 3 holidays already this year :D and 2 of them were on less than 2 days notice. I like to wing it.

    Ok anyway. so keeping it low budget and simple i guess camping is the go. I want to go somewhere the weather is nice and spend the days punting around and swimming in rivers and bumming on the beach and whatnot.

    So cmon netriders give me some ideas. I dont have to be back till around tuesday next week but id like to be back on sunday to watch the grand final and maybe have a swing of golf or a dirt ride. (hard life eh? )

    I just checked the bom and weather in syndey is good so i figure ill head north.

    So give me some ideas people! starting say tomorrow (tuesday) arriving home saturday. spots to camp, good roads to ride ect ect.

    not really looking for massive miles (I do 500km a week with work anyway)

    cheers, any suggestions welcome
  2. lol gf is saturday.... regardless that timetable is still fine
  3. how far each day you looking at? either way, can't really go wrong by heading north and seeing what's there...

    Although Port Macquarie would be a nice destination. So would Barrington Tops/Hunter
  4. stupid bom. they said it was going to piss down today so i decided to postpone in a few days.... now its been perfectly sunny... i shouldve gone,.

    im thinking first night at mt beauty. then somewhere up into nsw or maybe over to the coast
  5. Go via Lakes Entrance, Batesmans Bay and then if you run out of time you go back through Cooma and down through Albury. If you have the time to go up to Sydney just keep going up the coast from Batemans....
  6. What frodg said. I'd plan a stop at Vincentia and Huskission (near Nowra) along the way. Chill at Greenfields beach, ask a local and they'll point you in the right direction. Whitest sands I've ever seen, its on the edge of a national park.

    Ahh....I need to get back up there again.

    Enjoy your ride if you've gone already!