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Spur of the Moment Rides

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mstamos, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Sometimes, like this afternoon, I feel like going on a ride but inevitably I end up going on my own as it is usually such short notice for the few riders I know (well the one I know). Is there a suggestion as to how one can have access to say SMS of people that may be interested and if anyone feels like a ride and wants company, an SMS is sent to the whole group and a ride is organised at relativelky short notice. ie this afternoon I rode to Gisbone, had a coffee and then rode back via Pakenham. Quite pleasant although I did freeze "the boys" and most of the rest of my anatomy.

  2. PS
    try 2 sets of Thermals :grin:
    thats what i do
  3. You need to post your ride details in the relevant section.
    Post the details and they will come.
  4. Yeah I always have this problem as well... PMs are too slow and I don't know enough Netriders to just call people up.

    Feels a bit silly posting event that would look like this:

    When?: Right now.

    Where?: Wherever people want to go

    Difficulty?: Depends how good you are

    Meet?: Somewhere roughly central to where people are coming from.

  5. Go where the bikers are... sometimes the best people to ride with are the ones you never 'meet'.
  6. Sorry for being a bit thick but what do you mean by "Go where the bikers are?"
  7. When I was in Sydney I'd often go for a blat up the Old Pacific... didn't need to organise a riding buddy (always nice if I could though), because there'd be other bikes there. Just fall in behind one and follow along, overtake politely if they were too slow, try to keep up if they were fast. You might see them at the Mount White coffee shop, maybe not... but that's the great thing about bikes, you can have 'friends' you never talk to.
  8. Great tip - I'll try that although I have had some PM from people who are happy for me to contact them. What I like about riding with one or more people is not only the ride but also the stops where you can have a drink or a bite to eat and have company.
  9. When riding with others I like to ride at my own pace. So I don't follow anyone or be followed (except in the boring bits). The thing I like most is when stoppig over for coffee/lunch and then talking about the bikes and the ride. So having a friend I never talk to is not much of a friend to me.

    But hey, everyone is diffrent, just work out what works best for you :grin: