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Spur Crash Saturday, Rider Down,,, then UP!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by outactrl, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    I was riding up the spur on saturday with Slider, beaut day for it.
    5 turns up the hill a silver 2005 ZX10 came flying around the corner, front end slipped out on some loose gravel, The Bike flew into the embankment and the bounced back to the opposite side of the road. i pulled up intime to miss the bike and jumped off.
    I'd say he was sitting on about 90-95kms, when he took the corner, and when he left the bike, he went throught a metal road sign pole.
    After about 4-5 minutes he stood up and we helped him move to the other side of the to some shade.
    He stood up.
    when he left the bike, he went straight into the pole, then into the dirt when he stopped suddely.
    We helped him get his top half of his one peice off, as he was overheating and said his back was a little painful, and on telling the Ambos his back was sore, they would have cut it off, so before they arrived, we slowly took it off.
    when he hit the Pole, it was his back that came in contat with it first, i was suprised, shocked that he was awake, moving, had the use of his legs.
    when he took off his suit, he had a spinal protector underneith.
    slider, the two bikes that were following him (but didnt know him) and myself stayed there till he left with the ambos, bike was towed and the fire brigade cleaned up as much as they could to remove the oil and coolant.

    the riders name was "Boyan"? or something like that, i was just hopeing if anyone knew him and if he pulled up ok the next day (i know he would have been in pain, but hopefully still walking)

    I remember sitting with him on the side of the road talking, waiting for the Ambo, he said his bike was fully covered and he made the comment that "maybe its time to slow down, buy a house with the money " i looked at him and with a smile said
    "Are you kidding!!!! you just walked away from that!! Your Invincible"

    Hopefully he gets back on, i think he will.
  2. Smee - ruling please.

    This surely slips between the cracks and is a directly involved first hand account of a rider down - even though the rider is not personally known to the OP.

    For the spurcialists, is 5 corners in, ambo corner??

    Back protectors are worthwhile investments! Thank you Barry Sheene!
  3. Bloody hell, too many hard things on the side of the road. I dare say if he hit the pole at a decent clip, a back protector wouldn't mean a thing.
  4. Hectic. That's sold me, I'm buying one with my first set :) Was his one of those ones that covers your coxic?
  5. You did good by posting and even better by looking after the guy who crashed, so don't worry!

    Having said that, I'm not so sure about saving the guy's leathers by moving him around when he was complaining of a sore back. I know leathers are expensive, but I'd always want to err on the side of keeping a back injury immobile.
  6. I have to agree with Bravus here, you should never remove the leathers of an accident victim and you also need to try to keep them still and not get up no matter how good or bad they feel as adrenalin is a wonderful natural drug which masks all sort of problems.

    That said good work and good post.
  7. They were directly involved and participated in helping the rider.
    Seems fine to me.
  8. :) :cool:

    :applause: regarding the point on balance!

    Outactrl, when you say 5 corners up the hill, five corners from where?? Was this prang on ambo corner? How did witnessing the prang affect the rest of your ride? Did you see the gravel yourself?

    You did well not to get collected and well to render first aid. :applause: Possibly not the best thing to remove the jacket though...

    Regarding the little diversion down the T&C's, I just wanted an official ruling before we explored what the hell happened.

    By the way, sorry to hear about the bee sting mate.
  9. outactrl
    any idea what brand back protector the rider was wearing ?
  10. Well, I'd like to see two things after that little episode:

    A) The pole

    8) The honeycomb inside the back protector.

    I bet they are both rooted.

    Do you know what brand the back protector was? I'm in the market now. :grin:

    Also, congrats on sticking around the whole time. Sounds like you did a great job and I'm sure the rider involved would be very grateful. :)
  11. Sorry if i moved your posts inadvertently it was very hard to clean up.
    Please comment on the topic not whether it fits the T&C's
    It does and thats final.
  12. Who cares about the back protector - I wanna ZX10!

  13. I DID and you still deleted me :( :cry:

    Never mind, I asked the same question as above' what was the brand and type of teh back protector???
  14. I'd say it's in the "S's" Rob.

    A fair way short of Ambulance Corner, mate.

    Ermm...If it's in the section I am thinking of, it would be unlikely that there was any gravel. But there could have been - to avoid police ticketing the guy. :)

    If I am correct about the corner - For the rider that crashed, It's a rh tightening radius turn with a little off camber section just where it tighens up...if you apex too early, you really have to lean it over to hold the line, and I have experienced front-end "push" right there several times.
    Loose the front completely and you have a big bank to smack into, as I have witnessed several riders experience to their demise. :(
    Hitting the sign, was bad!...that could easily have killed the poor bloke - he needs to buy a lottery ticket.... or a fireblade. ( :p )
  15. Yeah, but if he gets a fireblade, he'll have to watch out for drivers that U-turn in front of him on blind corners and then try to reverse over him after he falls under the car, or have to avoid oncoming utes that are cutting corners right to the inside of the oncoming lane (i.e. apexing to the very left of your lane) as if they're on a racetrack.
  16. and if he gets a 675, he'll be too damn busy in here reading all the posts you've made about how good they are, removing him from the road, and therefore eliminating the risk of further incidents! :p :p
  17. So it's a 675 then? :)
  18. ahahahah...Oh okay!...point taken Stew....ahahahaha
  19. Five corners in past the 100 Km/h sign, heading out of Healsville? That would be crash corner wouldn't it? The one with the large grassy bank to land on.

    If he was coming toward Outactrl, heading in to Healsville, and hit the sign post, if it's the one I'm thinking of, he must have lost it very early in the corner.

    It is a tightening radius corner. More a dual apex corner actually.
  20. #20 [FLUX], Feb 5, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015

    That's a video that starts from just before the 100kph signs (you can see them at time 0:20). Count 5 corners from there, or perhaps the opening poster could watch the video and let us know at what time point matches the corner that the accident occurred on.

    That'd then end all this speculation.

    The only corner that I know of that consistently has gravel through it is the one after crash corner. Crash corner being the corner starting at time 2:28, and "gravel corner", being the corner starting at time 2:36.

    Ambulance corner is the one starting at time 2:53, so named because it's the corner that an ambulance went off the edge on when on its way to attend an accident scene, and both ambulance personnel died in the accident. :(