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Sprung at WSBK's on TV

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Bond Girl, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. Here we were sitting quietly watching the superbikes on foxtel cause I chickened out and who pops up on the screen? our very own Flipper, Firefling & Foxy! from the way Foxy was waving I'm guessing he'd spotted the camera! Debs bucket hat stood out but I couldn't read the netrider logo if I didn't know what it said!

  2. 3 Stars.........

    oops, i meant MONstars :)
  3. You would have also seen me too! Did you see the big netriders banner on the fence?
  4. I was standing in front of everyone and jumping up and down! I saw MYSELF on tv!!! Did anyone else see me???

    Top weekend by the way!!

    Sorry to that guy who overtook Corser and crashed. I predicted that as soon as he took him! Slippery corner....
  5. What about that duke rider!! That was one hell of a good ass saver, then to get back on and finish the race!
  6. OH Yeah that was farking awesome ya could almost hear him thinking I've got, I've got it oh $hit I've lost it! but to get back on the bike & continue racing after a high side like that awesome, think it was Fabrizio, I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong!
  7. the duke rider was actually laconni and the suzuki was corser's team mate yanagawa that got passed by the falling rider.
  8. It was the track commentators fault, blabing about a Kwaka leading the race, that caused young Walker to slide gracefully past my viewing position.
  9. What a day!!! Woke up to rain and wind....passing shower we assured ourselves. The rain cleared, the wind dropped and the sun came out so off we went to the track. What seemed to be a nice day quickly turned into a gale. Standing on the hill at Siberia in our lovely lemon ponchos we were nearly blown out to the coastline :shock:
    It was Jayden that spotted us on the big screen and pointed it out to Foxy. Pity they didn't show the big netrider banner that was just to our right :(
    A great day overall tho :D
  10. Was on the screen as Steve Martin blew the engine and came to a stop directly in front of me. was standing with the Kawasaki Riders Club of Australia. Shame..shame...says a member of the Honda Riders Club of Australia
  11. Chris Walker. Usually a demon in the wet, but I think the excitement got the better of him yesterday.
  12. Yep laconni and what a bloody champion effort to not only struggle to control the highside in spectacular style only to crash in the end but then instantly spring to his feet, man handle the duke engine back to life and get back onto the track and finish the race.

    He wasn't being shy either, powering out of Siberia his back wheel was sliding all over the place as he gave it his all out of the corner.

    Top bloody effort!!!! And everyone above Siberia made sure he knew we appreciated it.

    It also kind of reminded me of when the Olympic soccer players came down to Melbourne for a few games. The Melbourne crowd didn't let those pansys get away with their fake falls and weak attempts to get free kicks. Where the Melbourne/Aussie crowd didn't take that kind of shit they also got right behind someone that was giving it their all regardless of the conditions and misfortunes!!!!
  13. BOnd Girl - Corser's team mate is Kagayama not Yanagawa - two different riders.
  14. Was I at the Superbikes??? I remember riding to the Island on Friday afternoon....all the rest is a bit of a blur (and not from riding fast) :p :LOL: Nah Awesome Awesome fun. Thanks for orginising the house Flip....and Happy Birthday for Yesterday :).....How's that XXX section of netrider coming along? :LOL: :p :LOL:
  15. Upload of video's

    Hi guys

    Where can I upload some video's from the Superbikes weekend???? I can't upload to MSN Space which is a bugger. I'm sure some of your IT gurus can point me in the right direction.

    :D :D

    PS. Sorry Foxy, they have to go up!!! :wink:
  16. Hmmmm With the abundance of incriminating video evidence and photo's against my drunken state and devious mind I think I may have to go have plastic surgery, change my name via depole raid my off shore account and find a secluded island to see out the rest of my years. Tell Kym I love her and will miss her dearly :LOL:

    P.S. I hope I make lots of money from the www.fo"xxx"y.com site you set up, i'll need it lol :LOL: :p :LOL:
  17. depends how big your files are really...


    try that.. up to 1gig file.. upto 25 downloads (i think) of the one file.. free, no sign up.. :LOL:
  18. Foxy played hide the beers (in his belly)

    Shut up Foxy!
  19. I reckon with some of the action I saw you up to, XXX is not enough to cover it :LOL: :wink:
  20. Hmmm, don't worry Foxy....I believe plenty of photos and videos were taken...so your memory can be refreshed at any time!....over and over again! :LOL: :LOL: :eek: :shock: :roll: