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Sprung – what did u do?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jphanna, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. How many times have you been in the company of a lady, whether its just a first date or a wife of several years, and you may be in a public place, a café, a major event, a BBQ etc, and something catches your eye. Another woman.

    Your not an uncouth person, you are normally very respectful, especially to your other half….and then you find your mind distracted by another lady with a outstanding nice body, or stunning facial features…you sort of just get lost in the moment…then you ‘wake up’, find that your other is watching you ‘noticing’ the other person.

    What did you do? did you pretend nothing happened, or make a comment to try to undo the damage? Myself I kept my mouth shut and pretend it didn’t happen.

    What did she do? pretend nothing happened, or make a comment to give you the guilt trip? When I have been sprung, I got a reminder of my ‘infidelity’.
  2. I'm very blessed, in that my wife will usually happily discuss the attractiveness of the other person with me. ;)
  3. next time just say... "you ... me ... her ... you like?"
  4. Sounds like the perfect way to end your current relationship so you can focus on your new conquest
  5. well, if we happen to come across an advert of a particular actress, i am so in love with, she will point her out if she's quick. i of course will smile.

    i believe we both understand that:

    we can look at the menu, but we eat at home.
  6. haha not necessarily. some people dig the 3sums
  7. I'm very lucky - if I miss something, my missus will often nudge me and say "Look at the tits on her!"
    I got "busted" by the viewee in the city once and was called a pervert. My response was "Sweetheart, if you wanna put them on display like that, you bet your arse I'm gonna have a look". My missus (who was holding my hand at the time) agreed.
    But I know better than to ask for a threesome ;)
  8. i thought this would be a wank thread :D

    i get busted all the time perving, my excuse "I'M LOOKING, NOT TOUCHING, GET OVER IT"
  9. yamaha owners always perve at other bikes...usually gaytona's :D

    usually followed up by "you can go ask her but I won't be here when you get back"...i'm not falling for that trick again

    what if you want to add flavour to the menu? :D
  10. Say, "Well if YOU had an arse like that I wouldn't be staring at that egg cracker".
  11. I just do the usual, "I think I went to school with her", or "does she have two different shoes on?", and then just say "oh must of been the light", only works once or twice, any more and it looks like you got a foot fetish :p
  12. Ahaha this guy is clearly a pro :rofl:
  13. If your missus get's upset about you having a perv it's time for a new missus.
  14. it's a trick??

    damned wives
  15. I've been caught at least three times! By the pervee.

    Or at least, three ladies who thought they were pervees. I have been amused without fail~
  16. I don't care if he has a perve.

    Just as long as I get my Bear Grylls fix. Love it when it gets his kit off. Man ...versus wild. ROAR!
  17. love your work :p hilarious dude! absolute awesome!
  18. I got her to read these posts,

    Oh, obviously all men do it, Hahahahahahaha

    Thats the end of that argument,

    It a man thing,
  19. Mrs Messy looks at other women more then i do.
    I keep telling her to go and invite them home for a threesome.
    One of these days she will.......................................... (hopefully).

    I glance, but not often do the eyes linger.
  20. My wife often points them out to me! She is just as bad as me. Bet your missus also has a stare at some beefcake when the opportunity presents itself.