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Sprocket setup concerns

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Enrgkid, May 8, 2013.

  1. So as a few of you know, I have got a 1999 ZZR250, that I'm working on getting going, now the hard part is finding all my parts.

    I went to MCA and they said they can get me a 13/37 sprocket setup, but im wanting a 14/45, as that's what I currently have, can anyone tell me the pros and cons to both?

    I have on the other hand got myself a nice Regina 520 RX3 chain on it's way, and the required spark plugs. Oil filter is on the way, but finding a normal air filter box replacement is proving hard.
  2. http://www.sprocketcalculator.com/ tells me you will get 12.9% more top speed but the trade off is less acceleration. Not sure what the stock gearing is but my old ZZR use to top out at around 165 kph.

    If you are doing a lot of freeway riding the additional top speed will make a more comfortable ride. Better on fuel as well.
  3. 13/37 or 13/47? Max of around 2 up or down on the rear is more usual.
    13/47 is going to drop your Torque too much on a 250. You'll be dropping back gears to get anything out of it.
    As for an increase in speed - you need to have enough torque to keep you there so you might just turn it into a slug.

    I thought 14/45 or maybe 14/47 was std on a ZZR250 but it may have changed with models.

    Are you happy with the gearing now? If you are then don't change it. There's a ton of places you can get gears from.
  4. 13/37 sounds a bit suspect. It is only the guys from eco modder who will go that radical with their gearing in search of better fuel economy. Perhapps MCA have some old stock which they are trying to offload. The normal trick with zzr250's if you wanted to bring the revs down a bit for a highway commute was to go up one tooth on the front sprocket making it 15/45. But yes they do slow down a bit more on the hills. It's ok for me as I'm only 60kg so a zzr pulls me up hills ok, and I like the way the taller gearing spreads the gears out so you're not having to tap dance on the gear lever just to reach the end of your driveway. But if your 80kg plus then might be best to leave it standard ratio.
  5. So ended up getting 14/47 from a kawasaki dealer, and fitting them, they look nice, just waiting on the new Regina chain.

    my only issue is now chainging spark plugs on it seems to be an issue because they are so deep in the top that i can get in there to pull them out once they are loosened
  6. get a proper spark plug socket, they have magnets in them :)

    available form repco etc.
  7. You can also use a piece of hose to remove plugs(garden hose or similar);)
  8. yeah, before i got a magnetic one, i would undo the plug then put the lead back down the hole to connect it back to the plug, then pull it out
  10. cause you were too busy trying to find a set of long nose pliers that would fit down there and open far enough :)
  11. i dont suppose the red ZZR that appeared in Turramurra the last couple of days has anything to do with you?
  12. Nah I'm over in the hills district, and it's silver haha, still got a few things to do to finish it, so it's not yet on the road