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sprocket and chain replacement

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by adnan12, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. Hi does anyone know roughly how much a mechanic will charge to fit a set of sprockets and chain? I have all of the parts but the chain isn't cut yet and needs to be shortened

  2. Just use a grinder, thats what we did!
    Count how many links are on your old chain, and grind away. You will need a set of vice grips to clip the chain back together.
    But maybe it's better if you get it cut with a proper chain breaker if your unsure.
  3. I hate to sound like a smart arse, but I hope you used more than just the vice grips to lock the chain back together ?

    Those chain links need to be 'mushroomed' over either with the chain breaker or buy carefull use of two hammers and or chisel.
    Or under normal stress that link you joined up will just seperate and then your in trouble.

  4. Think Caz may have meant vice grips to squeeze link plate over rivets, and hammers work well two of them to gentley flatten the rivets over doesnt take much prefferably the ball of the hammer and one on the other side to hold the rivets steady as you tape away with the ball of the hammer seems to be all they use in motorbike shops I have talked to and it worked well for me
  5. yes, thats exactly what we did :)
  6. Yes you probably did :p
    But you didn't say that in your post, so for a complete noob trying to change his/her chain and happened to follow your intructions in your original post, ( with the omited bits ) then gone out and killed themselfs when thier chain fell apart. I guess you then say "oh i forgot to mention that bit" to there NOK ? :?

    Please if your going to offer advise ( which no one is deniying your right )
    dont leave any steps out.... just Bc you might think its a gime, the noob on the other end might need all the help they can get :cool:
  7. Sorry but to answer your original question :
    It should take a bike shop no more than an hr to do, so on the avg rate approx $70

  8. point taken! :cool:
  9. You can also buy a chain breaker/rivetter tool for about $85 but if you haven't fitted a chain before either get a professional to do it or have some one in the know, show you how.
    A chain snap can be a disaster, smashing engines or worse.
  10. Its all good Vtrbob I finished Caz's post for them no harm done