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Sprint ST info

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by triumphnoob, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    Im in research mode at the moment and have narrowed down my choices for the next bike to the Sprint ST or the Tiger 1050. I guess the deciding factor will be when i finally take them both for a test ride.

    Im 6"1 so I think Id fit fine on either bike. I do tend to like sitting more upright (still got neck problems from a bulging dics), so the Tiger wins out in that department... I just get a tiny feeling that the Tiger is a bike for those of more advanced years :) The big 30 comes up next year so maybe Ill fit the mould. haha (no offence to existing Tiger owners)

    I was wondering if any Sprint owners(pref 07,08 models) could offer their opinions? Ive found a plethora of information on the tiger, mainly due to the excellent site w w w.tiger1050 dot com. Does the Sprint have a similar dedicated website available? Its actually a bit of a selling point for the Tiger to be honest.. its nice knowing a whole community is there ready to offer great advice.

    Anyway, back to drooling over pictures and reveiws and trying to figure out where I am going to find the 18 odd grand Im going to need to buy one of these beauties.
  2. Firstly, welcome

    Just went through the Sport Tourer comparos.

    ST's get great reviews, good engine and the later models have slightly higher bars so may suit you OK. Plus they get free luggage as well :cool:

    Spots on here has a Tiger and from all reports loves it.

    Best Trumpy site here http://www.triumphrat.net/sport-and-touring/
  3. I have the 06 model sprint and have it for a little over 18 months, very happy with it. One of the reasons I selcted the sprint, I was finding full sports bikes to hard on my back... turn 50 in 5 months so I dont think you hitting the big 30 should be a problem. only two problems I have with the sprint is the high beam light which I am sure has been fitted backwards as it seems to pull the dark towards you I am also finding the paint on the plastic tank is not as scratch resistant as I would like. the new model has the steel tank and a new head light but I have no idea how good it is.

    the bike does everything I have asked of it and is very forgiving when I make a mistake and try to run it a little harder then I am capable of..
  4. :tantrum:


    That's probably the clincher, really.

    Same engine, etc, etc.

    The ST's a sports-tourer like the Honda VFR800, BMW F800ST, Honda SuperBlackbird, with a sporty riding position. I've not personally rode one myself.

    The Tiger's also a sports-tourer, but the riding position is more 'sports-standard' - fairly upright. It's certainly not a hard-edged RR bike, but it does 'everything' fairly well. If you're in the mood for some absurd verbosity, I wrote an 1800km review of it here, and recently I did a ride from Brisbane to Wollongong via the backroads.

    Ultimately I suspect it depends on the riding position you prefer... and looks, of course. :)

    If you have any questions about the giant mechanical cat, feel free to ask.
  5. Review


    Yeah that review was excellent, its one of the main reasons the Tiger is one of the leading contenders :)

    Brisbane to Woolongong via backroads hey?Thats impressive. Im a Brisbane lad myself... that ride would be great fun. Id settle for any ride atm though. lol
  6. go the sprint st,gets my vote all day,my mate has one and it doesnt miss a beat does everything he wants it to and more. Its the only sports tourer i would get if i sold the cbr and wanted something a little easier on the back and body
  7. I have an '07 Sprint and reckon it's a great bike. Be sure that what you are after is a "sports tourer" because that's exactly what it is.
  8. very true, atleast ride it before you make your decision! :wink:
  9. I'm biased. As an owner of a Sprint ST, I love it and would recommend it. I had the urge that initially leaned towards the Speed Triple then I rode both and opted for the Sprint. Just liked it.

    You can only ride them and others and base your decision on that.
  10. I love sprints :D lapped one at broadford on my 2fiddy at my first trackday
    lapped it twice!