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Sprint ST '04 questions from a newbie

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by rsser, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    Picked her up on Friday and have put 400k on the clock.

    The owner's manual is in German however. Wonder if you can help.

    1. I gather the rear preload adjuster is accessed through a hole in the frame. Sportsrider mag recommends ten clicks out. I can barely hear the clicks - and they don't appear to come regularly; they wouldn't I suppose represent a whole turn of the screw would they? or half?

    2. When she's on the centre stand and I spin the back wheel there is a distinct rattle or clicking. Sounds like a worn chain, but it's new, lubed and properly adjusted. Any ideas?


  2. The manual doesn't have any pretty pictures?! Pffft.. ripped off.
    On a more sensible note; i was cursed by a few people recently for saying that just because a Bike Magazine says to set your suspension one way; doesn't mean its the best way for you. Unless theres something obviously wrong with the factory settings and you know how to 'dial it out' i'd just be sticking with stock... and keep in mind theres a reason they set them that way, not just some drunk mechanic thinking... hey i wonder what this'd do. ;)
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  4. Hi Koma,

    I did 300 k worth of spurs, twisties, straights and suburbs yesterday and I did come to my own conclusion, that is, to try the mag's recommendations.

    Web searches showed that there is a common view among Strint ST riders that the suspension is soft and ramping up the preloads and rear rebound damping are worth trying. My ride yesterday gave me the same impression.

    I have done this (inferring how from the drawings in the manual) and kept a record of the standard settings. I'm not confident though in the measurement of the rear preload change (inaudible 'clicks'), hence my question.

    Also a concern about a chain/hub noise that I've not heard before on a young bike.


    Thanks Urban. Great link!

    Apparently neither Clymer nor Haynes produced a manual for Sprints of the early noughties. But there may be a pirate version of the official manual. Will trawl through.
    (Edit: no, no luck :(
    Can't understand it; it's a popular enough bike.
    Oh, and there is a deal of variation in Trumpy suspensions; eg, the Speed Triple has more adjustment options than the Sprint. Go figure.)
  5. Apart from the engine and wheels the Sprint ST and the S-Triple don't have a lot in common, the triple is more of a stripped down Daytona.
    I have never taken much notice of the susp. adjustments on the Sprint, but on the Triple it is like this:
    rebound damping is a small screw at the base of the shock, and to adjust it is measured in turns from fully closed.
    standard = 1.5
    soft = 2.0
    firm = 1.0
    rider and passenger = 0.75

    Compression damping adjusted with a small screw on the resovoir, and again it is measured in turns from fully closed.
    standard = 1.5
    soft = 2.0
    firm = 1.0
    rider and passenger = 0.50

    Have a look it may be the same on the sprint, although I have afeeling that the suspension is lower spec on the Sprint than the Triple/Daytona.

    The first Speed Triple that I purchased in 2002 came with an Asian manual, whch was replaced by Triumph after I raised the issue wuth the dealer.
    Apparently a shipment of superseded bikes was brought in and dumped on our market from another country.
    Triumph aust ( read - Peter Stevens) has a terrible habit of doing this, it also happened with the Daytona, with the resultant price crash that comes with it, really not the way to reward loyal customers.
    it would appear that they have done it again with the Sprint ST, as they are offering some very cheap run out deals with panniers etc fitted to make way for the new 05 model which is due for release.
    You could understand them doing it with the few (if any) old stock of ST's that they may be stuck with, but when they are bringing containers of bikes in from other countries ( i.e. Germany) and dumping them on the market here at greatly reduced prices, you can only expect to hear people saying, "well that will be the last Triumph that I ever buy"!
  6. Thanks Scooter.

    You're right. The Sprint ST only has rebound damping on the back. No compression damping either end or rebound on the front.

    That said, sounds like it has a similar range of adjustment and method for rear rebound damping to the S3.

    As for dumping, maybe. The owner's manual is titled that in three languages on the front, tho the contents are only in German. So maybe just a printer's error, or maybe a despatcher read Austria when s/he should have read Australia ;-)
  7. I found the sportrider recommended settings way way too stiff for victorian roads - I'd recommend thinking about exactly what feels bad about your suspension and learning which adjustments will affect it.
  8. Take your point Androo.

    I've tried the standard settings, will try the sportrider rec's and see how they go.

    Key problem with standard is serious wallow while heeled over and hitting a bump.

    What'dya reckon I should start on?

    (In the past I'd firm up rebound on the front and rear; this case, only have the rear to play with).
  9. That's bloody funny. I bought my Sprint ST from PS a month ago and it also came with a German manual. Chances are either I got yours or you got mine! I'm learning not to trust PS...

    I find the bike does tend to wallow a little when pushed but otherwise a great ride. Will muck around to see what feels good.
  10. Did you swap your manual over? I picked up my '04 a couple of weeks ago, the manual was in English but was for the Bonneville. Rang them, dropped in the next day and swapped it. Just had the first service last Saturday as well, so far so good, can't honestly say anything bad about P/S at this point.
  11. I've had some probs with the bike, apart from the manual, but PS (City) have been prompt and generous in response.

    Meantime have fitted crash protectors, radguard, and Genmar risers (ordered direct from the manuf. in the US).

    And had the front and rear suspension reworked by Promecha - serious investment but cheap insurance. Made a world of difference.

    Tyres next.
  12. How's the Sprint going Harbo?

    I heard PS bought a container load or two that were headed for Austria or somesuch.

    What colour'd you buy?
  13. Are you willing to discuss the details?

    if not publically then by PM?
  14. Hi Scooter,

    Speaking to other Sprint riders and scanning newsgroups I've come to the conclusion that I may well have been unlucky.

    Apart from the German manual:

    * a nut dropped off the rear subframe and ended up getting chewed up in the drive sprocket (1 in a million)

    * grease leaked onto the rear brake pads

    * fuel guage died

    * nipple pulled off the clutch cable, stranding me outside of Strath Ck.

    Next day I spoke with the PS manager who listened attentively to my invective, apologised and offered the next service free.

    They shipped the bike back from Yea and replaced the clutch cable under warranty within 2.5 working days.
  15. I used to own a Sprint ST... and it was far from trouble free. I would go so far as to say it was one of the more unreliable bikes I've ever bought new.

    Don't get me wrong, it was a lovely bike to ride... but I had problems with the fuel guage, oil leaks, porous rims, low fuel light, charging issues, flat batteries etc etc.

    After listening to the 'talk to the triumph people' at the Triumph rally a couple of years back I realised I wasn't alone.

    Most of the bikes are fine... but they aren't perfect by a long way, and Triumph have some way to go before they match the consistent quality of the jap bikes (even if that triple sounds way nicer :)
  16. Yes your problems do sound like one off's, except for the grease on the brake pads, if pre delivery was carried out properly then that protective coating wouln't get on the brake pads, it would be cleaned off correctly before the bike is delivered.
    Same thing happened with my front pads.
  17. Yeah ZRX1200R, my sense is that the build quality is rough around the edges.

    I was also looking at a Fazer 1000 and a pre-VTEC Viffer and both of those have had any character engineered out of them.

    On the other hand, there's character and Character ;-}

    But there are Sprint riders who've clocked 60k k or more without problems.

    PS Scooter, it wasn't the protective grease or wax; it was brown stuff like I'd imagine copper grease would look like
  18. Give Charlie a call at 'Turn One Motorcycles' his reputation for all things Triumph is well known and you may be surprised at the wonders that he will perform as a part of his service routine.
  19. I know Peter Stevens is not everyones favorite place.

    BUT, Cliff, the Service Manager at Peter Stevens in Geelong is a straight Shooter and will look after you. Just call him 52210400 and let him know Mitch recommended him
  20. Less than happy, is all that I will say. :evil: