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Sprint GT pre-purchase worries.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Sitting Bull, Dec 29, 2014.

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    G'day all,
    I've been bikeless for over a month now and it's starting to get me down. Anyway I've just had a look at a 2010 Sprint GT that's just been traded at the local bikeshop. I'll be taking it for a spin when the weather lets up and I have a bit of spare time. A couple of worries after an initial inspection. One of the handlebars is a different colour. The left one is a bronze colour which i find a bit of a worry. There doesn't appear to be any damage to the bike anywhere, it's in great nic. I don't know why anyone one would just replace one clip-on with an after market bar and leave the other as standard, any ideas? The other worry was a leaking ABS system. There was a drip of fluid hanging off the tube close to where it enters the system at the back wheel. Is this a common problem with ABS systems? The chain looked a bit dry, there was a drip feeder set up to lube it. Much appreciate a few pointers before I lay down any cash on this one.

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    Ask the questions. Unless you are looking at some tatty old thing at a bargain basement price. Any late model bike offered for sale should present near perfect. Beware of dealers selling "as is". Look hard. bottoms of foot pegs, Lower ends of fork legs, plastic which has been disturbed (slight differences in colour, "worked" screw heads, exhausts (scrapes dings), even the ends of bolts and fasteners which might scratch if it's been down the road; under the seat - is everything there, do all the fasteners match? On the road, does everything look straight? Is the handling completely symmetrical? Ask the questions, even and especially about the service history. If you are not happy with the answers, pass, or talk the price down significantly. You might need any money you can save on the purchase. It's often useful to talk to a dealer of that brand and make and "that bike" might be known to them, as the seller may have shopped around for the best trade in deal on offer. Dealers often know what's on the oppositions used floors. If the bike is known to them, they'll generally be quick to talk it down. Any information is good information to a prospective buyer

    Clip-ons can be very expensive. I'd only replace the damaged one. It's probably been down the road. Question is, how hard. Steel or alloy framed? Alloy frames generally do not get straightened. There are people around who will go to a lot of trouble and expense to ensure that they have a bike to sell after a prang, where an insurance company would write it off.

    Walk if you are not entirely happy. You really don't want to buy someone else's woes. It's your safety and well being at stake here. It's a well known phenomenon to have a lowish kay bike pranged hard with no insurance, so the owner replaces all the plastics and cosmetic little things that might give the game away and flogs it off where it might never be the same, but it looks good. Buyer beware.
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  3. Thanks mate. What I find strange is that the handlebar doesn't match.You would reckon that if they had gone to so much trouble to conceal a prang then they would get a matching handlebar. All the panniers, top-box are unblemished as well. I will check it over thoroughly for all the things you mention but at this stage I'm very stand-offish on it.
    The bike was traded on a Spider so he may not of shopped about anywhere else if that is what he had his mind set on. Perhaps another indication he may of dropped it though.
  4. As already stated if you can't get a definite answer for this technical difference, walk away. The bike isn't unique and there are other unmolested ones around. If you can't find one where you live someone here would be happy to do an inspection on your behalf. I just looked there is twenty for sale on bikesales at the moment.....
  5. They'll be cheaper on private sales too.
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  6. It's actually not priced too badly compared to private sales, $10 990 with 14000kms on it.