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Sprint 1050cc Engine Versus Speed 3 engine

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by CC1050, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. Can someone tell what the difference is between the two 1050cc engines. As the Speed 3 has an additional few kWs up its sleeve?

    I know the computer mapping is different and exhaust. Is there still a little more to it?

    S3 = 97kW @ 9,250 rpm
    ST = 93kW @ 9,250 rpm

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  3. The consensus on the Triumph forums I frequent is that the engines of the Tiger, Speed Triple, Sprint ST are all identical internally. Same camshafts, etc. The microfiche show the same part numbers for the cams, pistons, cam gears, etc. The cam gears are not adjustable for timing.

    The airbox/intake, exhaust headers, exhaust and ECU tuning are all different, however. Speed Triple and Tiger actually have the same airbox enclosure, but the Tiger has a different snorkel to block off one of the intake passages to help make more power at low rpm.

    As Toecutter says, the engine is tuned to deliver power to suit the bike it's going into.

    For an example; Tiger 1050 is quoted at 115hp at the flywheel;
    Dyno'd by MotorcycleUSA.com at 107rwhp.
    And with the 'offroad' ECU reflash and straight through muffler, 125-130rwhp is common for the Tiger.
  4. Thanks guys, your info is appreciated.

    When you look at it, it is just the ECU mapping, exhaust and air box differences as pointed you out. Yep, it appears it is basically tuning to suit its intended use. Plus those Dyno overlays tell a story? Myth busters?

    I'd assume it may be possible to upload an S3 map into it, albeit with probably no real gain due to exhaust and air intake differences and why bother for what will probably a small gain? (I probably wouldn't notice any difference anyway.)

    I just downloaded a Sprint 05 service manual (441 pages) and was reading The Tiger one onling when my browser crashed. I was looking for major differences.

  5. Triumph update their mappings quite regularly even for older bikes. Give you local dealer a call.

    I'm thinking of doing it myself soon.
  6. Tune

    Get yourself a Tuneboy. Download tunes from Triumph forums & try them out. I'm running a tune a guy spent 2 days on the dyno mapping a 03 Sprint ST. Works great. Smoother & more power.