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springwood suzuki coffee meet and eofys

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Benny Boy, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Short notice meet. Springwood Suzuki is having their eofys Saturday (tomorrow) from 8am to 2pm. They have a cafe and bargain. Figured these are two good to have a meet. Some have indicated from the Thurs night coffee meet that around 1pm might be a good time.

  2. heading down that way for a ride tomorrow so depending on how that goes might stop by at some point.
  3. I'll probably be heading down soon so I can be there around 8ish anyone wants to meet up? I'll be in a bit of a rush thought because I've got an assignment to do!
  4. I'm hoping to be there by 8ish as well. I'll be the one in the black shift jacket that has the scratches on the right shoulder.
  5. Why are people always so fond of 8/some other unreasonable hour?! On my way to an 8:30 exam so won't be there... might check it out later in the day though; thanks for the heads up. :)
  6. I'm hoping the main meet up is still around 1ish. 8am is really just to grab a deal before it all goes.
  7. Assuming you've already checked it out; how were the deals and whatnot?
  8. Pretty busy, some decent deals so far, picked up a set of bull-it Kevlar jeans around 45% off. Mulling over a few other items, will probably buy them later.
  9. I didn't find anything... Mainly because I have no money ad don't really need anything... I've got my last assessment to do, so I can't make the 1 o'clock, sorry :(
  10. I'm here now with the little fella, black shirts with fluro orange
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    Ducked in and out this morning. Picked up a 2011 GS500 and a new Shoei Helmet! :) Unfortunately I couldn't hang around to meet people. Hope everyone got good bargains.
  12. met a few in black shirts and orange, but no luck. I did have a very quick chat witha guy in a grey and orange shirt. If that was you ill kick myself for not asking.

    All seems be dying down now, apologies if I missed anyone.
    Off for a ride to yatala pies and then to springbrook. Weather is too good to go home yet.
  13. You didn't talk about a youth group did you?
  14. yes that ylwould have been me, while I was checking out the Moto guzzi and your little fella was eyeing off the gladius.
  15. Haha Damn, nice to meet you Benny boy!
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    Hope you enjoy the puchase. I had a gs500 as my first bike. Did about 11000 km in 8 months on it.