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Springwood Guzzi & Aprilia Day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VladTepes, May 19, 2012.

  1. A big thank you to the Moto Guzzi and Aprilia folks down at Springwood Suzuki who put on a ride / demo day today.

    I booked in to ride the Griso...

    pictured here with other bikes:

    and here more front and centre !


    It is a fantastic looking bike - and the attention to detail on the thing is incredible.
    Riding it wasn't a disappointment either - it's very good. Love that torque reaction when blipping the throttle (oh, OK, ringing it's neck! )

    The riding position is very similar to my GSX1400 to the point where it made my back sore in the same place. Its also similar in size and weight to my Suzuki. It has it all over mine in character though. Would I buy it? I don't know, I'd have to ride it again....

    Then due to a few "no shows" (what the heck is wrong with some people! ) I was able to ride a few other bikes.

    The Aprilia Shiver (750 V-Twin).

    Again in the crowd:

    and up close


    It's not a bad looking thing, but it proved not to be my cup of tea. Didn't steer as quick as it ought to I reckon. don't get me wrong it's not a bad bike, but just didn't float my boat. As a bike for someone graduating from LAMS though probably well worth a look.

    Then at the last minute the Breva became available...
    (sorry for the poor pic)


    I didn't want to like this bike. Something about the look of the bars was annoying me. The fact it wasn't a Griso... or Sport.

    The ride was another thing though. I loved it ! I think this must have been the small block one (not the 1200) , but only because I didn't get the same impression of a huge reciprocating lump of metal trying to leap sideways out of the frame... as I did with the Griso.

    The Breva handled well, steered nicely, had a more upright comfortable riding position.... and was just generally a great place to be. If I was wanting a bike that, like my Suzuki is a daily rider, then it would be the Breva for sure. Stick a screen and some luggage on it.. extended touring here we come. Would I buy it? Well, yes. If I had the cash. Would I go into debt another $12K on top of my Suzuki to own it... no. (but only because I do love my Suzuki).

    Time beat me but I'd love to also ride the Bellagio, Sport and especially the Stelvio. I reckon the Stelvio would be hard to beat as a two-up tourer for Australia... but it's all in the riding of course. Next time my girlfriend is up from Adelaide I might have to ask the friendly folks for a test ride....

    If nothing else the day confirmed for me that when the time does come, my next bike will almost certainly be a Guzzi. But which one..... there's the rub.
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  2. I have the 750 Breva with a screen and a top box. It's a really nice bike and rides well. A little underpowered for touring but around town it's great, very light, enough power, and comfy. It's a little small if you're over 6 foot. You could always sell the Suzuki and get a second hand Breva, there are a couple on Bike Sales.com. I test rode a Griso last month and it's a battle to not rush out and get a loan to buy it.
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  3. Awesome. I love Moto Guzzi's. Will def test ride Breva, Griso and the Stelvio when I get a chance (y)
  4. And i didn't know about this event!

    Geez. !!