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Springvale mum hails bikie gang

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by joetdm, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Don't think the shock jocks of the airwaves would air a good news story about bike groups.


  2. Looks beyond their tattoos and clothing and see the people underneath.....

    And find a group who have their hand in most of the crime in any local area at any given time.
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  3. A far cry from the comment about moustaches and beards in the original article at the time.
  4. RFFR Respect
  5. A photograph of Mrs.Tingey taken during her interview with the Dandenong Leader newspaper.

  6. ****in bullshit.
  7. Thought I would get a bite, didn't think it would take that long.

    Edit: In light of Mick indicating the derailment of this thread I have removed my argumentative comment and will not add anything further regarding OMCG's; good, bad or indifferent.
  8. Here we go again.
    Another thread of Bikies are bad, not they are not, yes they are, no they are not. etc etc.

    Maybe we should just get a Sticky Thread titled "Bikies..Good or Bad" and everyone can go nuts in there.
  9. Odd. For people involved in so much crime the police seem to have difficulty producing any evidence

    So much so that they had to resort to attempting to implement some of the most facist laws seen in a long time
  10. Is this supposed to be an argument for omc members being soft plush housewives? Knowing something and being able to prove it are two very different things.
  11. i wonder how many drug, weapon related arrest happen everyday that aren't bikie related ????

    its certain people within the club that stuff it for the rest..
  12. Odd. because that was the justification the police themselves used for the idiotic anti-anyone-we-don't-like laws

    Nobody is denying there are some criminals in OMCGs
    But your statement about being involved in most of the crime in your neighbourhood is just Hyperbole
  13. Kingy I whole heartedly agree. There is a great deal of crime that goes on that is not OMCG related.

    However, if someone can come up with a group of people, who recognise themselves as a group who regularly associate with each other, that is such widely represented in crime statistics I'd love to see it.
  14. they are not groups or gangs anymore they are Organisations
  15. Damo, I was referring I guess to the fact that most of the crime in any given area reverts back to drugs. Yes there might be break and enters and vehicle thefts, but at the end of the day the majority of it is to fund drug habits.

    Who are the some of the main people that manufacture and supply said drugs? Outlaw motorcycle gangs. Hence my view point.
  16. i am not trying to sound like a HARD C here but i know alot of 1%r i ride with alot of 1%r i hang out with 1%r i am not a 1%r nor will i ever be.. all the blokes i have ever spoken to are great blokes with a story to tell. i can have a laugh,joke and talk about family with them. they all have day jobs they all have there own family... but what they do behind closed doors i don't wanna know about...

    Yes i agree there are some bad bastard within the Organisation but to say the complete 2000 members or whatever of the rebels are all drug dealing weapon waving crims is WRONG
  17. I didn't say they all were Kingy, but the criminal to non criminal ratio within their organisation as you call it would be much higher than the Kellyville mixed adults netball organisation. Or the Sydney Ducati owners club etc.

  18. Fair enough.
    Removing laws telling adults what they can and cannot do with their own lives
    and not making criminals out of otherwise normal people might be a more productive way of dealing with those issues.

    Not to mention cutting the revenue streams which fund criminal organisations
    (Who would also cease being criminal organisations if what they were producing wasn't criminal)
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