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Springtime Riding Gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by doonx, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. As I ride to and from work everyday, I am noticing the slow change in the temps on pretty much a weekly basis. I usually wear a long sleeved T shirt under my jacket. During Winter I also wore a thin wollen jumper and had the lining zipped into the Dri-Rider. The lining is now out of the jacket but I still wear the jumper and T. I also find wearing my Fogg Off (which mind you only seems to serve to create fog on my sunnies that never were affected previously) keeps the underside of my chin and my neck very warm and comfortable.

    So during this time of weather transition what do others wear ? How do you cope with the changing temps, even on a daily level where it might be chilly in the morning but not so in the afternoon etc ?
  2. this has been covered in another thread Doonksy baby

    Shorts and Tshirts for the guys in spring / summer

    and hotpants and bikini top for the girls all year round

    :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:

    or just do what I do and have the gearsack welded to the bike so you can remove a jumper or have one "just in case' and have the wetgear handy as well

  3. Layers. On my way to work (6:30 am) I wear jacket, pants, sweater, neck warmer. On my way home (4 pm) I wear jacket, pants - sweater and neck warmer are in my top box. Normal clothes under jacket/pants always worn. I have never had the liner in my jacket or my pants (even in the middle of winter).
  4. the lining is out of the jacket here too :D i started riding when it was boiling summer and then went into winter, this mild period is very pleasant.

    :D mmm good option, if only it was feasible protective gear wise :(
  5. i wear jacket pants and neckwarmer

    with tshirt, work shirt, jumper and work pants underneath everything, i also wear some furry jocks

    on the way home i just dont wear the neckwarmer and open the ventalation things.

    the wind is always cool