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Springs on exhaust

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by FZRSpock, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Anyone know what these are for? I have a yoshi slip-on which has two springs at the elbow joint in the mid-pipe section. I took them off to re-paint the pipe and they are a biatch to get back on. Are they really needed (i assume they have some purpose in life since someone went to the trouble of putting them on in the first place but buggered if i know what it is?)

  2. hey, i have the same sort of springs on my tyga exhaust for the nsr. on my system they act as screws pushing the two pipes together, i would recommend you fit them on. they can be hard to get on but you dont want your pipe flying off on a ride do you lol :LOL: cheers,
  3. that sounds about right - although the pipes seemed pretty well stuck together anyhow. i got them on in the end, but not before sending one flying across the back yard when it didn't hook on right! lucky found it, cheers
  4. A tool called a 'spring puller' helps to get the springs back on.
  5. They hold the exhaust together and help dampen vibration without making a solid join. That way the exhaust has less tendency to crack in the long term.
    If you don't have the correct tool, try a coat hanger. Bend the hook tighter, use that to pull the spring, maybe wrap a rag or something around the other end and stretch it out.
  6. Stretching springs the easy way


    The best spring stretching dodge is potentially expensive ;-)

    Simply insert a solid, flat object like a washer or coin between each coil. This stretches each coil just a little, usually enough to get it to fit over wherever. Insert the flat items on alternate sides of the spring to stop it curving.

    This is especially great for sidestand and centre stand springs. However you sometimes need a lot of coins or washers...


    Trevor G