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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by murchy, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Sunday 21 August
    Min 7 Max 19, Mostly sunny.


  2. Spring:
    1 September - 30 November.
    Every year...
  3. I like to consider myself optimistic, but we live in Melbourne - the 7 day forecast is about as useful as horoscopes. ;)
  4. 4 seasons in one day and all of them are winter.
  5. i am the same, i watch BOM everyday to see if anything changes and any day goes full sunny :( not happening much, but i did notice next sunday, hope it is all good. i will be out there!! yarra glen here we come......i hope.
  6. Spring pfft.

    Most nightshifts ive been on up here have been 16c, and most dayshifts i have been on have been 25c+. Thats winter........
  7. oh messy you make me wana cry. we had ice on our car at 9pm the other night :( and i am in suburban melb, but today is glorious!
  8. I'm in the melb eastern burbs and it's sunny, 19 with a nice breeze atm.....
    A shower or two. Moderate SW winds.
    Maximum temperature: 19
    UV Alert: 10:10 am to 2:40 pm, UV Index predicted to reach 5 [Moderate]

    Outlook for:
    Wednesday : Sunny. Min 10 Max: 18
    Thursday : Sunny. Min 11 Max: 20
    Friday : Sunny. Min 12 Max: 22
  10. Was lovely this morning riding in at 9AM. Wasn't cold, lovely weather in the arvo, shame I was indoors at work though :(. Now going to ride home with clouds hovering and no sun...boo. Anything above 10 degrees is warm to me now. 5 degrees is normal and below that is just finger freezing snappy.

    Would be nice to ride to work without having to have multi layers of clothes on...but just as fun at the moment :).
  11. I had a lovely short ride on some gravel roads in Harkaway today after getting the bike clean. It now has just the right amount of dirt for a photo shoot :)
  12. went out today 2 hrs, usual yrra glen shot, was fantastic. it was even dry and i was brave enough to try better positions during cornering, was freakin awesome, dry weather is the best. nothing like hanging off the side a bit, was one with the bike!
  13. =D>

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  14. That's it, not sure which day yet but I'm going to be sick on at least one of them....:D
  15. LOL i am sick now, but it is pouring, so thats ok
  16. Where was the "spring" today? Did it take a sickie too? because it sure as hell wasnt in the spur, marysville and healesville :D But the rain was -.-
  17. Oh man, the sun is coming out and my bike needs a new chain/sprockets...lets hope I can get them fixed over the weekend...assuming my parts arrive tomorrow. Just not fair if I can't get it fixed, ride it every day in the last 3 months in rain/wind/cold and not being able to ride it on a fine bloody day :(.