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Spring / Summer Riding : Clothing

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cash, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. I think we had a similiar sticky for Winter Clothing.. BUT ..

    Well, Spring is definately here.. *sniff* *sniff* as I am begining to suffer from Hayfever...

    Especially today in Melbourne... 22 degree Sunny day and the bikes parking lane next to the building is FULL..

    What's the best clothering for riding in Spring / Summer...??

    Leather Jacket and Draggin? Do they have different leather jacket for different seasons?

    What about boots and gloves?
  2. have 2 diff jackets, gloves and pants. for winter i use a textile jacket (dri rider, winter gloves and textile winter dri rider pants. for summer i like to use my leather jacket, jeans and summer gloves. using the right gear helps alot esp when its really hot.
  3. Before this year I had one textile jacket used year round.

    I've recently purchased a 'Dri-rider dri-mesh climate control jacket' and it is fantastic - I've been using the jacket with thermal lining for the past 2 weeks and it is great, and expect that the summer will be much more pleasant (compared to the past) on those 35+ degree days without the lining. I also purchased leather summer weight gloves (with finger vents).
  4. For those really hot days THIS could be the answer. :grin:
  5. I have the same Dririder dri-mesh jacket, I bought it with both summer and winter in mind. By switching in and out different combinations of linings, I can usually get just what I need. And I usually keep the waterproof lining in my bag, since it folds up compactly.

    I bought vented summer gloves too... got a bit cold late at night, but not too bad. Should be perfect for the rest of the year though. Next winter I think I'll look into silk linings for them though.
  6. +1 to that, they work really well.
  7. Dri rider airmesh got me thru the worst of last summer -with liner it is not as worm as dri-mesh or others, but it is heaps cooler on the hot days. I got it because i already had a winter rig (motodry duo) and it was cheaper than the dri-mesh. Last year wore draggin cargos for summer, this year going to add the airmesh pants (for the armour) for longer trips.
  8. Just wondering if anyone's used the draggin convertible cargo pants - the ones where the bottom half of each leg zips off to make cargo shorts. Ordinarily I'm happy to get changed at work, but these convertible pants sound nifty for summer weekend jaunts to the beach and such.

    Any thoughts?
  9. I have taken the thermal lining out from my textile jacket and it's okay for the time being.. but if the weather gets any hotter.. I will be stuffed.. :LOL:

    Thinking of going leather...
  10. Last summer I was pretty hot in my jacket even with the lining pulled out.

    And I seem to be going for longer and maybe a bit faster rides. I want to get a leather jacket but i wonder how hot that would really get in temps 25 and up???
  11. VERY hot. If you insist on leather, they do make 'mesh' ones, using perforated leather, or a mixture of leather on potential impact areas and mesh material elsewhere. Plain leather gets unbeareably hot in summer.
  12. I'm looking to get myself some summer gear, especially a cooler jacket. Are there any particular brands that should be avoided?
  13. ..also how do you balance the tradeoff between lighter material and safety? Obviously leather is better, but how much better?
  14. I'm just usually in my leather jacket and a pair of regular jeans cos the Draggin's are so warm.
  15. Another Dri-Rider mesh wearer here, they are ok but some days even these are hot. I've worn it all winter too as i've been putting off getting a new leather jacket.

    My new leather jacket will have perforated leather on the front etc. Too hot to wear most of the year otherwise.

    My old A-star boots are on the way out too. I was considering replacing them with one of the perforated/vented style of race boots. These are pricey though as i've only seen the perforated/vented style in the higher spec race boots.

    You can buy summer gloves.

    For pants I wear dragginjeans in summer. Even these are hot though.

    A helmet with a removable liner is nice in summer cos you can easily wash it when it gets too funky from sweat.

    Also consider getting a camelback water carrier for longer rides.

    In some ways I prefer winter. You can always add layer to get warm but there is only so much you can take off to keep cool in summer without risking your skin.
  16. I always wear summer gloves. Have a couple of pairs of alpine stars and a pair of joe rocket. Have about 6 jackets couple of textile with linings obviously for winter, a leather jacket with a thin lining which is ok up to highish 20's. My kawasaki joe rocket jacket seems like it will be a good summer jacket as in this weather it doesnt really keep the cold out. And for summer i have a joe rocket fully armoured, but its full perforated leather, and then theres my draggin jacket for the days when its really cooking and im going for local ride. As for pants the ever reliable draggin traffic jeans are perfect. The leathers can be a bit warm as with the draggin cargos. Alpinestars boots and also have a pair of the low cut rjays boots, which are another great thing for that local ride in the heat.
  17. Weather is warming up already .. time to resurrect this thread I reckon.

    I have a leather jaclet with thermal insert and 4 vents .. pull the insert, open the vents and it should be ok for a couple of months more but in Dec/Jan I'll be roast. Need to look at something lighter but what I've seen doesnt look like it provides much protection .. that mesh looks weak.

    FYI, two related threads on jackets, though a bit old:

    My Summit Pro pants also have linings and two vents .. might be OK with the linings out .. have to see.

    What do you all wear/intend to wear in summer?
    Especially as far as socks go. Wont want to use these nice explorer or ski socks I wear at the moment, and I hate short socks in long boots .. always bunch up. What socks?

  18. the aldi socks are coolmax. I plan to wear them. coolmax jocks also have advantages. :grin:
  19. Thanks twistngo, I'll have a look at coolmax... sounds better than my only idea of footy socks.

    Yesterday felt hot .. even with all my liners out it was just ok so I might have to look at more ventilated stuff sooner than I thought. Saw lotsa squids about unfortunately.

  20. Since this is my first spring for riding, I am slowly building up my warmer weather riding gear.

    So far my Teknic Supervent jacket has done a good job of keeping me cool and I like the fact that it is fairly visible, white and grey compared to mostly black of my winter jacket.

    Also had a chance to test out my Rally X Pro pants on the way to work today, very nice and so compact. Just waiting for my summer gloves to turn up.