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Spring has Sprung in the South

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cjvfr, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. So officially Spring has sprung and in the Southern states at least the riders thoughts turn to crisp Spring mornings, the scent of wattle and burnt fuel as you carve up the twisties. The visor slightly cracked open and that glorious eucalyptus wafting through your helmet.

    Shiny side up my fellow riders. (y)

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  2. Cheers Chris - how goes the recovery and bike shopping? Hopefully top of list with the dawning of the new season?
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  3. I have to interject / object here.

    The Sydney siders have dibbs on the 'Spring has Sprung' phrase. Proof of this is to be seen in the planned Spring has Sprung ride on the 11th of this month. When Spring arrives in nsw, the weather ACTUALLY behaves more like Summer and less like winter.

    We all know the weather in Mehico resembles 4 to 5 seasons in one day anyway, so how could you possibly say the weather has changed??
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  4. Well down here in Tassie it was BUCKETING down with rain on my commute home yesterday Wed 31st August, then today 1st of September on the first day of Spring it's gloriously sunny and a balmy 15 degrees outside! Spring has most definitely arrived in style.
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  5. Bit warm out west in NSW today, wearing my summer jacket.
    Just sayin' is all ;)
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  6. I have not worn my winter riding gloves for few weeks now, just saying!
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  7. How many can I put you down for MadDogMadDog ?
    Edit: ordered a dozen for myself ;)
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  8. Well, its pi$$ing down here in Melbourne right now. Spring has already left us.
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  9. good call Andrew, might do with couple of those myself, thank you very much!

    edit* I do think GeorgeOGeorgeO needs couple as well
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  10. Which was EXACTLY the point I was trying to make. Spring comes and goes 6 times a week in Vic.

    If we build a wall tall enough around Mehico, will it contain the weather as well?
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  11. Yep, that was it for you Southerners, hope you enjoyed your spring.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    Edit* got Ninja'd by GeorgeOGeorgeO
  12. No worries, the next one will be here in an hour.
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  13. A great OP cjvfrcjvfr, looking forward to the warmer weather too, although today wasn't a good example.

    Perhaps we should have "CJVFR's Welcome Back Ride" once you have purchased your new steed and have recovered well enough to manage a decent day ride:playful:. But your username may have changed by then, who knows:shifty:
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  14. An excellent idea.
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  15. Beautiful day here today...but rain tomorrow apparently :(...luckily I will be at work and it wont worry me lol
  16. interstaters could have celebration rides in support of 'the big one' - maybe we could run them (annually) as fund raisers for injured riders, gold coin donation kind of thing...
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  17. Mid 20's all week here in Coffs , a little fresh for the morning commute but almost sweating on the ride home.

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  18. And CAKE !

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