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Spreading the love

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iondah, May 17, 2007.

  1. Since I started riding (which wasn't that long ago) 3 of my friends have gone and got their lisences and bikes, and about 6 more coming in the next few months.

    Now, I'm not trying to say "I'm so kewl :cool: cos everyone is trying to be like me". I know the trend of motorcycling is growing anyway, but I like to think I had some small influence on their interest in Motorcycling.

    I too came to Motorcycling through the daisy-chain since a few members of my family also have, or have had bikes at various stages of their lives.

    Just wondering if otheres find the same thing, that their close friends also become intersted or if you've taken up riding because of a friend or partner.
  2. Years and years ago Mum and Dad found an old postie bike and decided that it would be cool for the whole family to get their licence.

    Promptly....none of us did. That is of course, the way of the Opitz family - we have a lot of ideas :p

    I forgot all about the idea until nearly 2 years ago now when Sverre got his. I cracked it, convinced he was gunna kill himself :p

    So he decided to pay for my licence for Christmas :twisted:

    Since then, I've got my licence, Dad's got his licence, Mum's got her licence, my bro wants his licence, and I steal Sverre's bike off him :grin:
  3. Heaps of my friends have SAID they're going to get their licences, no-one ever does though... I guess that's what I get for hanging around drunken losers :?

  4. though none of my mates ride, they've noticed how much fun i'm having with my bike and given the odd thought to getting one themselves. one started out riding with his mates in his teen years, he grew up in a quaint part of the world where you could buy a gixxer without a licence and ride it without getting into trouble with police, but he gave it away after too many funerals. when i got my bike, he loved it. his tax-rebate has since been earmarked for a new bike.

    personally i think it's great to go through the whole licence testing, first bike shopping and learning phase with your mates. all start at the same level and pick it up together. good for you man :) keep your mates safe. when no one gets hurt, everyone keeps having fun.

  5. Ditto with me. A couple want to get their bike licences but either too scared of crashing and/or can't afford an "extra toy". Hmmm, well their loss!
  6. After i got my license (which a friend already came with me to do), one friend got their license and is now Fuzz on here :) , and my house mate is looking at getting hers, and another friend wants to get one when he has the money.
  7. Since I got my L's, my dad got his because he wants to get back into riding, and my brother is interested in getting his learners aswell.

    I have a lot of friends who say they are going to get their licence, but I doubt they will, half of them don't even drive their own car.

    Since getting my bike though, I have gone on the occassional ride with a guy who I went right through school with who literally lives around the corner.
    We weren't close friends at school, but its fun having someone who is familiar to go on rides with.
  8. My wife and 3 workmates have all gone for their licence after i started riding, my dad went and bought a new bike as well.

    Its all good.. More riders, more fun.
  9. When people ask me why I got into riding my standard reply is "I got sick of thinking gee it's a nice day for a ride" & I hate "gunna" people as in "I'm gunna get my licence". So one day I decided "I'm going to get my licence!"

    Upon deeper thought, I've always like bikes & when guys asked me if I wanted to go for a ride I never though it was
    a "pick up aid" I thought they genuinely wanted to share the thrill of riding... I was wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME! :oops:
    So I got my own bike! :p and as we speak the pillion pegs are being ripped off! My bike will not be used as a pick up tool, coz lets face it no guy wants to be my biatch :LOL:
  10. I nag pretty much anyone I know to get a bike, unfortunately only one of my friends is interested in bikes at all, the rest just dont get it. Some think its too dangerous and some are just arrogant bastards too good for bikes.

    Reason I started riding was from some joke I made that got me thinking and after looking into it I was slowly lured in.
  11. Reckon you could be wrong about that Boo.
  12. Simply - NO. None of my family or friends (aside from NetRider buddies of course) have/had an interest in bikes or riding. But that didn't stop me forfilling my desire to ride or them loving me even tho' I have this weird need to dress in leather, jump onto 2 wheels & disappear along back country roads! :shock: :LOL:
  13. I'll be in my bunk . . .
  14. ill go pillion biatch boo.. as long as i choose where i put my hands :haha:

    ive wanted to get a bike for freakin years, and have always talked about it. ive now got a few mates that ride outside of NR, a couple of then were smartarses and went and got their learners while i was laid up with a dislocated knee so the could get it before me.. got a mate who has been riding for yeare, and one of the gunna tribe. we'll get him converted though.
  15. Well I got my 'L's because it was given to me as a gift voucher at HART. My other half and Bro were into the bike thing and I just taggged along. Well that was 6 months ago and here I am now commuting to work daily with my License. In that time I have had countless friends come out of the woodwork sharing their enthusiasum to do the same ... and who knew!! Until such time they get their Licences I have my hubby, bro and netrider friends to share the joys of motorcycling with!!
  16. every woman in my family doesn't like me having a bike licence coz every bloke in my family has had a serious injury on one. dad said to me, hey i never got ya a 21st present, truck licence or bike licence??

    seeing as he owned a bike shop and i skated everywhere and didn't learn to ride a pushy til i was 14, (i sold my first one to the kid across the road, lol sounds like my life now), i figured, he'll like me having a bike. which he did when i had one lol. i kinda want a truck licence. dad said to me, hey, get every licence you can (didn't say nothing about keeping em dammit), and you can always escape with whatevers available.

    i've driven: cars, small trucks, buses, coaches, held the controls in cadets and work experience both cessna, and bell helicopter, (yes i am missing controlling a tank), but f' me bikes are the best.
  17. Oh, they wanted to share the thrill of riding all right...............

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. /offtopic

    Big damn heroes. Ain't we just!
  19. I got my licence because when since I was little my favorite Uncle had a dirt bike and would dink us round the farm. But I was told I couldnt ever ride. (girls shouldnt ride bikes)
    Then my husband said I couldnt. Well I did. Then I paid for his and he got one too. Only problem was...he wanted to use my bike.

    Funny how I havent got a husband any more but Ive still got a bike.
  20. my old man got his first bike in over a decade back in 03, i has always had the notion there in the back of my head, we were sitting round the table talking about it before i left to go to sydney for tafe.
    two days later i got a phone call saying i was booked into to stayup right, and the old man was out looking at bike for my sister and myself, the second i got off the phone i was on the phone to the bank, applying for a loan.

    two weeks later i had a shiney new gs500f in the driveway and a day later i was on my L's course

    since then my little bro has also gotten his L's and i am pestering some friends to take up the challange, to get their licenses